Monday Madness

After the hard ride late yesterday afternoon, my run this morning felt a little “heavy”.  I could tell that I was just content to plod along and get it over with.  It was 59 degrees and trying to spit a little rain so the humidity felt pretty high.

As I left for work, the few sprinkles turned into a light steady rain.  I’ll admit that I had this small voice inside urging me to turn around and drive in.  After all, even though the rain was supposed to be short lived, the ride home was going to be against a very strong wind (with gusts forecasted to be up to 47 mph).  It would have been so easy…I was only a couple of blocks away.  Then, that other voice chimed in.  I was wearing my rain pants already.  Even though I was wearing just my vest I brought my jacket, so if the rain got worse I would be pretty covered.  With the weather forecast for the week, if I chickened out today it might be tough to get many other rides in.  When it came down to it, I just kept pedaling and before I got over to Catalpa, the rain had stopped.  I would have really felt foolish if I had given in and gone home.

With the wind from the southeast again, the ride to work was actually a breeze (pun intended).  I couldn’t tell it if my cycling legs felt heavy.  I was just enjoying being pushed along, and was disappointed when I got to work because I had to stop!


Flags at attention!

The trip home, however, was an entirely different matter.  I suspected I was in for a hard ride when I kept noticing leaves blowing past my third floor office window.  They were flying by parallel to the ground, and I had to look fast or I would miss them.  The forecast for wind was correct!  Nothing to do but adjust my expectations and warn Pam that I would be a few minutes late getting home.

After suffering up the hill past Hammons field into the wind, I thought the worst was probably by me for a while when I got to Fremont Street.  Little did I know!  As soon as I turned south on Fremont, I realized I was in the middle of a hornets nest of confused drivers.  Traffic was backed up three blocks in both directions.  Cars buzzing by me without giving me room.  Drivers looking confused and upset.  Bottlenecks every place there was a car parked on the street.  What the heck is going on?


What a mess.....

It took me a couple of blocks before I realized I had stumbled into a detour.  Then I remembered hearing that National was supposed to be closed at Grand for some reason.  If only I had realized that sooner!

Oh well…Do things like that only happen to me?

God bless….


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2 Comments on “Monday Madness”

  1. jeff Says:

    TW, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Riding in the wind seems to be a common theme. I’ve never done BAK. I will someday but a couple years I did TdK the same week (check out the Tdk post for riding in the wind). This year I was going to do BAK, but I’m going to Colorado for BTC instead.


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