Tragedy – and the debate it generates.


Photo Credit - Tulsa World Newspaper

I hope I never see a scene like that pictured above.  When I was on the Oklahoma Freewheel trip, tragedy occurred in Tulsa when a drunk driver hit three cyclists.  Two were killed instantly, and the third injured badly.

Unfortunately, it appears that the community is now becoming embroiled in a bikes vs. cars argument.  You can see comments here and here and here is a bloggers view.  This bothers me.  You see an occasional comment relating to the original problem (drunken driving), but most of the attention to the root cause is being deflected by a debate that goes nowhere.

Yeah, I agree that a lot of education is still necessary on the part of both drivers and cyclists in order to provide a safe environment where the two share the road amicably.   Until that day occurs, I’m afraid that tragedies like this will continue to generate the kind of community fracture I see in the Tulsa press instead of the community rallying to support the injured and address the root cause.

On a happier note, my commute in this morning was pleasant and safe.  At lunch, I needed to run some errands, so I ended up riding an additional 5 miles around downtown Springfield at lunch hour and felt completely at ease and comfortable doing so. 

I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary this week, but will end up with somewhere around 180 miles under my butt in spite of the heat we’ve been experiencing.  That’s my kind of work week!  How was yours?

God bless….


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3 Comments on “Tragedy – and the debate it generates.”

  1. Jim Phillips Says:

    I don’t know why I bother to read the comments on stories like this. A tragic story of cyclists being killed by a drunk driver on an extremely wide shoulder…then a string of the usual comments about bikes running stop signs and flipping off cars. Unreal.

  2. siouxgeonz Says:

    Welp, the drivers need to make it acceptable, so they *have* to make it the riders’ fault. Then they can convince themselves that *good* people are safe; just those foolish ones who are in danger. And the folks that it just makes sick… we don’t usually post comments.

  3. isocratesus Says:

    These ugly comments are partly a result of the ubiquitous car culture — the same culture in which about 40,000 people can die per year on US roads an no one raises hell about it. That’s about one 9/11 per month or two jumbo jets per week. Imagine the outrage.

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