Quite an accomplishment

One of the aspects of my job that makes it pretty conducive to commuting by bike is the fact that most of my user/clients are located in CU’s main headquarters building where I work.  It’s very rare that I have to go off-site for anything, and when I do, I always make sure I’ve made arrangements ahead of time to get there or I drive to work that day.

Well, today I had a meeting off-site.


If you could read the little brown sign in the lower right hand corner, you would know that this is the entrance to City Utilities’ Water Treatment plant and Developer TecHOUSE.  I had  a meeting in the TecHOUSE this morning with several other folks, two of which were my IT co-workers, so I didn’t think it much of a problem hitching a ride out there.

After riding to work on my bike this morning, I found that both were willing to give me a ride out to the meeting, but that both had errands to run at lunch immediately after we expected the meeting to end.  Hmmm.  Now I’ve got a dilemma.  There were other folks going from the main office, but since they were outside my department, I kind of hated to ask them for a ride back to the office!

After mulling it over, I quickly hit upon the logical solution.  You see, the TecHOUSE is just about 8 miles from work.  And only one mile from home.  Yes, I ride right past it twice a day.  I figured that worst case, I could walk home, grab the Jeep and drive back to work and pick up my bike.

003So, off to the meeting we went.  It lasted until lunch, as expected, then one of my co-workers was kind enough to drop me off at the house where I grabbed a quick lunch and drove back to work.  I might add that it was a beautiful day, and I had the top down!

This evening, as I was loading my bike on the rack to bring it home, someone said something about taking my bike home, and I replied, “Yes, I somehow managed to bring both my bike and car to work today”.

His response…”Now, that’s some accomplishment!”

God bless…


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