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Takin’ it easy!

July 30, 2010

We’re getting far enough along in our marathon training plan that we (I) need to be a little smarter about what we do.  For a while, we (I) could just about get away with fairly normal plans in regard to bike rides.  Two weeks ago, we ran a half-marathon, then a couple of hours later, got on the bike and rode a fairly easy 30 miles without any negative repercussions or problems. 

Since then, I’m beginning to feel like we need to dial it back a little bit on the weeks we do long runs.  Last weekend was a short run weekend (6 miles), but we didn’t feel great on the bike afterwards and couldn’t really figure out why.  Since we’re now deep in the throes of our normal late-July/early-August heatwave, I would prefer to be safe than sorry, so I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to not over-do it.  

We’re scheduled to run 15 miles tomorrow.  In preparation, I didn’t schedule a bike ride tomorrow, I’ve been trying to ride easy on my commute, I didn’t go  for a long ride before work today as I’ve done on Friday’s past, and Pam skipped her weight workout this morning.  Hopefully that will help keep us strong and injury free as we continue to move toward that 26.2 mile goal.

God bless…


Frisco Highline Trail

July 29, 2010

For something different last night, we took South Haven Cycling out to the Frisco Highline Trail.  Seven of us rode from the trailhead out to Willard and back for a total of 12 miles. 

We were a little concerned at the beginning because we could hear thunder from a localized shower just to the southeast of us, but it continued it’s eastward course and missed us completely.  With that out of the way, we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous evening.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the trail had been freshly paved in a couple of places and that it is now paved all the way to Willard.  That eliminates the “up hill both ways” feeling that portions of that section used to have.  Sure made for a smooth and easy ride out and back!

God bless…


People I See 07/27/2010

July 28, 2010

Several times in the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed the volunteer firefighters for the Logan-Rogersville Fire Department out washing their truck as I’ve ridden past on my way to work at 6:45 in the morning.  Not sure if they’re just getting back from a run, they’re bored stiff, or they’re trying to beat the heat, but they do a great job of spit-shining that truck!

God bless…


Showers Pass

July 27, 2010

As I started to leave work yesterday evening, big ole alligator tears raindrops were beginning to fall from the sky.   I was heading to a meeting at church, so I decided to pull out my jacket for the ride across town.  It’s nothing special, just a Goretex cycling jacket that’s been around a while.  Because of the number of times it’s been washed, it had lost most of it’s water repellency long ago.  I tried a couple of the spray-on products you can buy in camping stores and Wally-World, but they didn’t provide any noticeable help.

Last spring, I broke down and bought a nice pair of rain pants from Showers Pass.  When I did, I also ordered a jar of their Nikwax wash-in water repellent and used it on my jackets.  I’m pleased to report that the stuff works!  My old jacket shed water as nicely as it did the day I got it!  I’ll have to wait and see how it holds up, but at this point I think I can get by a while longer before I break down and spend the big bucks for the real Showers Pass rain jacket I keep coveting.

God bless…


Where’d our legs go?

July 25, 2010

Boy, if we could do Saturday over, we sure would try to do something different!  In our minds, it seemed like we had our Saturday planned just about like weeks past, but something just didn’t click like it has in the past. 

We started with a six mile run around the Phelps Grove / MSU area that really didn’t seem much different from off-week runs in the past.   We kept a steady, but moderate pace and completed the entire run without walk breaks.

Afterward, we met Sam and Barbara, Mike, and Nicole at the Evans Road C-Store for a trip to Rogersville and back on the bike.

As we headed out, the pace was blistering hit the first series of down-hills on County Line Road.  Poor Nicole was wondering what she had gotten into, but we assured her that things would slow down quickly as the tandems started up the hill.  From that point, we kept it dialed back, but as we got to Rogersville, I noticed the riding didn’t seem as easy is it should have with the wind at our back.

cyclist We took our usual break at Rogersville, and found that it was still pretty pleasant sitting in the shade.  There were several cyclists out on the roads, and several were coming and going as we snacked and chatted for a few minutes.

Cyclists at break As we mounted up to head back,  we felt the pressure of the head-wind we would be facing on the return trip.  It wasn’t really very bad, but both Pam and I felt the weakness in our legs and knew that we were not feeling great. 

lost glove One of the highlights of the return trip was the finding of a glove that some hapless rider had lost.  No…wait.  That was Pam’s glove.  And we found it after back-tracking nearly a mile after Nicole saw the other one blow off the back of the bike and recognized it as the mate of the first one she saw on the road!  Grrr….we sent the others on their way and back-tracked, knowing that we could probably catch them at some point. 

That was a mistake.  After picking up the errant glove, we were now trying to push into the wind with tired legs to catch back up after delaying several minutes.  As captain, I should have played that one smarter!  My mistake.

Shortly after we caught Sam and Barbara, and Nicole (Mike was way ahead of us all at that point),  Nicole dropped a light off her bike, so she had to turn around and get it.  Sam and Barbara were a couple hundred feet in front of us and didn’t see that we had stopped, so they kept going as we waited for Nicole.

Rest stop Chris was out serving water again this week, and we pulled into his driveway to wait.  Well, conversation ensued, and by the time we got rolling again, Sam and Barbara were nowhere to be seen.

We finally rolled back to the Jeep with tired legs and 23.25 miles on the bike.  Our average speed actually ended up being faster than I expected at about 14.3 mph. 

As I reflected on what made us feel so tired this week as opposed to past weeks, I came up with the following possibilities

We ran the entire six miles today instead of the run/walk/run technique we usually use on our long run days.

We had breakfast at Starbucks instead of our normal Panera Bread.  The menu was similar, but you never know.

We didn’t have time to sit down and just relax for a few minutes before our bike ride.  This ride started away from home, which meant that we needed to get the bike loaded and head out a little quicker.

I didn’t have my usual recovery drink of a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper!

Oh well, we’ll try again another Saturday! 

God bless…



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