People I see – 10-25-2010

Lawn mowing birdFriday evening as I was heading home on Fremont, I absently noticed this lady mowing, then did a double take!  Look closely…she’s got a cockatoo (so I’m told)  sitting on her shoulder!

I quickly hit the brakes and after traffic cleared, swung over to the other side of the street.  As she turned my way, I smiled at her and indicated that I would like to take a picture.  She smiled back, struck a nice pose with her cockatoo and let me snap a couple. 


I gave her another smile and a “thumbs up” as thank you and continued on my path home without ever exchanging words with her.

You never know what you’re gonna run across out there!

God bless…


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2 Comments on “People I see – 10-25-2010”

  1. Apertome Says:

    Hilarious! By the way, that’s a cockatoo. Cockatiels are smaller.

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    Corrected my bird! Thanks Michael.

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