Short and Sweet!

As I was coming home from a meeting at church this evening, I just happened to glance in my mirror as I was coming down the hill to the Galloway Trail on Southern Hills Blvd.  This is what I noticed!


I pulled over to take a picture, and as I was snapping away, I heard a voice.

The lady:  Sure is beautiful isn’t it?  We got out tonight just so I could see the sunset.

Me:  You chose a good night for it!

As I pulled away, she was happily snapping pictures while her husband patiently waited in the car in the parking lot of the Southern Hills pool.

As I continued homeward, the colors faded as quickly as they appeared.  I don’t think they were there more than about three minutes!  I was glad I noticed it.

God bless….

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One Comment on “Short and Sweet!”

  1. Zeke Says:

    Great image! More proof that it pays to have a camera within reach. I’m confident your estimate of 3 minutes duration is accurate. I’ve had a great sun or moon rise only to run into the house to get a camera and missed it all…

    - Zeke

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