2011 Expen$e Tracker

Let’s face it.  Cycling, like any hobby, can get expensive.  That’s why I’ve decided that in 2011 I’m going to try to track all my cycling related expenses.  I’m not sure I want to know the end result, but here goes…..

Date Description Cost
1/17 Quick Link Chain Link for the Surly $4.83
1/30 Degreaser $4.87
1/30 Batteries for spoke lights $8.74
2/17 Showers Pass Rain Jacket $108.00
3/1 Brake pads & cable, Chain $52.75
3/5 Cassette for Surley $32.91
3/11 Derailleur cable $2.16
3/18 Tandem wheels overhaul $43.13
4/2 Rear Brake for Tandem $54.95
4/30 Jasper Disaster $35.00
5/17 New Cycling Shorts (3) $176.53
5/20 10 Tubes $21.65
6/3 Tandem Brake & Pam Blinkie $49.00
6/17 Chain Lube $12.90
7/8 Pedal Across Wisconsin $713.00
7/xx LiveStrong Donation $100.00
7/3 New Helmets $149.xx
7/17 Bike Computer / Bottle holders $109.xx
7/22 Lube / Park tool $20.xx
8/5 Cassette & Chain for Surly $113.xx
8/12 Dropout Adjusting Screws for Surly $9.82
9/7 Chain Checker Tool & Lube $33.xx
9/22 Chain & Quick Link for Tandem $48.xx
9/xx LiveStrong Entry & Donation $650.00
9/xx Pam Rainsuit $250.00
9/xx Mellow Johnnys hats and Tee $44.xx
10/15 LiveStrong Jersey $110.00
12/25 Commuting pants from REI $54.xx
12/xx Batteries for lights (estimated) $64.xx
—– ——-GRAND TOTAL——- $2,824.24

2 Comments on “2011 Expen$e Tracker”

  1. I’m not sure I want to know what mine will be this year, expecially since my wife and daughter are about to join me in cycling!

  2. Chris Says:

    It would be great if you had a driving coworker with a similar commute do the same. They could record gas, oil, car washes, insurance and more. I bet you won’t mind paying for you hobby vs their commute costs.

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