Saturday Fun!

With the promise of a beautiful and warm Saturday, Pam and I limited our Saturday morning run to 6.5 miles.  We’ve been trying to get a little more than that, but the forecasted temperature was going to hit what I call “The Tandem Threshold”, or 60 degrees.  When it’s colder than that, Pam usually doesn’t want to ride, and I don’t blame her.

By early afternoon, the temperature was right, the wind was mild, and the sun was shining, so we loaded up the bike and headed over to the Jewish Temple at Mentor.

As we prepared to mount up, we discussed whether to wear our jackets or just go ahead and strap them to the back of the bike.  We’re notorious about starting a ride, then having to stop at the top of the first hill for Pam to strip off her jacket and strap it on the back.  Today, we chose correctly, and got her coat off before we left the parking lot!

Stripping Down

Coat RackWith the coats safely stowed in case it started getting cooler, Pam was free to model her Fat Cyclist jersey.

PamFat Cyclist Jersey

Pretty snazzy isn’t it?  I’ve got one just like it, but the men’s version comes in black and orange instead of the pink. 

As we headed out, the tandem felt sluggish and awkward to us.  As we rode, we concluded we hadn’t had it on the road since the day before my surgery, which would have been August 15th.  That bike is the cycling equivalent of my grandma’s RV, so it is always pretty sluggish to ride, but the first few rides of the year are especially so.  We always say it takes a few rides to find our tandem legs and learn to work together again.  For the first ride of the year, I thought we did super!

On our way toward Rogersville on County Line Road, we came upon a farmhouse where a lady was sitting on the ground surrounded by goats!  We had never seen anything like that out there before.  She was just sitting in the sun with her goats grazing around her.  Pam grabbed the phone from my back pocket and grabbed the shot below as we rode past!

Goats!  (Somewhere)

I promise there are about a half dozen goats hiding behind that thumb!  Ha ha!  Sometimes you miss the picture when shooting from the back of a moving bike!

We kept the ride fairly short today.  Pam has a delightful backside, and since she hadn’t been on a bike in so long, I wanted to keep it that way!

Hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy yourself too!

God bless…


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6 Comments on “Saturday Fun!”

  1. Glad you got to enjoy a nice weather, weekend ride. May sound strange, but I am getting a bit tired of our nice weather. I depend on getting some miserable rainy weather this time of year to get some bike maintenance done; three weeks of 70º and 80º temps and I am behind schedule.

  2. Steve Says:

    Weather like that this time of year is precious. I’m glad to see you made the most of it!

  3. jeff Says:

    A nice little taste of spring to get us through the winter months….

  4. So do you ride Freewheel Oklahoma on the tandem or solo?

  5. tracywilkins Says:

    I’ve ridden Freewheel three times…all on my single. That ride is a little spartan for Pam. We look for a little more plush conditions for those times she accompanies me!

  6. rlhoover Says:

    Saturday! What a day! Glad to see you got out. Now if we can just survive this week.

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