Family Day on the Trail

After watching the Lady Bears complete a sweep of their final home stand of the season yesterday, Libby and Jeremy met us at the South Creek Trail for a late afternoon bike ride.  We experienced an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon, even if it was pretty darn windy and heavily overcast.

On my way home from the ball game, I had seen several cyclists out on the streets, but I knew the wind was strong enough that a road ride would be a bit of an ordeal.  For our leisurely jaunt up the green-way, however, it didn’t prove to be a problem.  Our late afternoon departure was nearly perfect timing, as there were relatively few people still out at that late hour.

This time of the year, it’s pretty rare that water isn’t flowing over the trail in several places.  You can see from the pictures that Pam was “styling” in her nice green pants.  She had to slow down to “old lady speed” when crossing the wet places to keep from splashing mud on her backside!

Being the speed demon that he is, Jeremy amused himself by practicing his bunny hops over puddles and any little thing he could find for a ramp.  The rest of us were just content to poke along enjoying each other’s company and the afternoon.

By the time we got back to the cars, we could tell that darkness was approaching.  By the time we loaded our bikes and drove the few blocks to Subway for supper, the day had ended.

Hope your weekend was a great one!

God bless…


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One Comment on “Family Day on the Trail”

  1. Steve Says:

    Nice post. Even though they may be a relatively short distance at a slower pace, some of my most enjoyable rides have been with my family.

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