First Impressions MiNewt Pro 750


Wow!  That’s gotta be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.  I first thought about buying one of these (or a comparable light) at least 15 months ago but decided I couldn’t justify the cost.  That was just plain stupid on my part. 


Mounted on the bike, it’s pretty unassuming, but when you turn it on, look out!


When I turned it on this morning, I was actually worried because it was pointing right at the neighbor’s bedroom window across the street!  I don’t consider it cool to be spotlighting people’s bedrooms!

Granted, I’ve only ridden with the MiNewt for one day so the jury is still out regarding it’s long term value, but my first impression is that I should have bitten the bullet a long time ago and pried my tight old wallet open enough to get this sooner.

Again, Wow!  What a difference!

On a totally different note, if your wife ever says, “We need to hurry up and cook those turkey burgers in the fridge so we can eat them before they go bad.”, be very suspicious.   Just saying….

God bless…


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One Comment on “First Impressions MiNewt Pro 750”

  1. Bluediamond59 Says:

    It is good to hear you are impressed on your new light. I have two Light & Motion Seca 700’s. One light on high and one light flashing. After a scare with running a single Light & Motion Seca 400 I switched from flash to on. I was almost hit head-on by a car passing another car. The car swerved just in time to miss me by what looked like a foot or less. It looked very close to me. From that point on it has been the two lights. At first I was sure I might get some flak from motorist. But two years later and not complaints and several that have pulled you alongside say thanks. That it was easy to see me. Glad to hear you like the new light.

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