Still burning the KATY Trail

Day2 001

Well, we should have been in a position to have an easier day on the trail, but  when all was said and done, it was still a struggle.  We expected another hot day, but it ended up exceeding our expectations.  We didn’t check the temperature as we pulled into Sedalia after 50 miles, but when we went to dinner at 6:30, it was 104, so we think it was around there a little earlier.

But, our day started a little grumpy.  When we went to pull the bikes out of the bike shed, Pam’s mirror was missing from her helmet.  What the heck!  Our bikes were the last ones out, so we initially thought it probably just got knocked off.  After a careful search of the shed, we finally decided it had been stolen.  Good grief!

About a mile down the trail, Pam noticed she had something clicking, and upon closer inspection, we found this:

Day2 006 Can you see it?  That’s her mirror hanging between the fork and the wheel!  I guess our faith in fellow travelers was restored!

Day2 008 As I said, we should have had an easier day.  We got out of Rocheport around 8:30, and temperatures were pretty comfortable.  Unfortunately, they were too comfortable.  We ended up playing around a lot!  We couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity at the old clay elevator, could we?

Day2 010  Then, we crossed the Missouri River at Booneville:

Day2 015

Day2 017  Then, we went off in search of Gatorade.  And took a nice break in the shade and cool breeze!  And stopped for a few pictures along the way!

Day2 021

By the time we finally got out of town, it was nearly 11:00.  We looked at the maps and decided that Pilot Grove, roughly 11 miles down the road would be a good lunch stop.  It would also be about the half-way point for the day, so we headed there with confidence.

Day2 025 Unfortunately, the riding got a little harder as we left Booneville.  The wind was picking up, and the trail tended to be mostly uphill, so our pace dropped a little bit.  We also had to be a little more careful along this stretch.  The trail has a tendency to crack and split in this hot weather, and we were constantly trying to avoid the wheel-eating cracks.  As you can see from the picture below, some of them were pretty bad!

Day2 030 We did stop for lunch in Pilot Grove, but by the time we left town, we realized it was getting really hot again!  Really hot!

Day2 031 Pam was constantly in touch with her sister and mother by text all day long.  They were vicariously riding with us via the pictures she was sending.  It was kind of fun, but the process continued to slow us down.

Day2 036Day2 037 By mid-afternoon, we knew we were still a ways from Sedalia and the heat was starting to wear on Pam again.  We continued plodding our way along, stopping to take pictures as opportunities arose, but I was concerned about whether she would last.

Day2 041

Day2 043Day2 048  We finally pulled into Sedalia between 4:30 and 5:00, completely out of water and thirsty as all get out.  We headed straight to our hotel and hit the shower.

At dinner, I rewarded myself for the afternoon of suffering!


We’re going to try something different tomorrow to see if we can beat the heat and get back to Rocheport before things get too miserable again.  Wish us luck!

God bless…


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4 Comments on “Still burning the KATY Trail”

  1. so cool to follow this. I did the entire Katy Trail at the end of June, about 60 miles a day, with a couple lighter days, but it was ONLY highs of 90. Hats off to you in this heat, enjoy the remainder of your ride.

  2. rlhoover Says:

    Thanks for the pics and the tale. I know the pics slow you down but they sure are fun to look at. We sure will be thinking of you!

  3. I too, must be on Pam’s list cause I’m getting disgusting photos of obscene desserts. Hey, I want to plug Queen City Cycles for loaning me a Cycle Ops mag-trainer If anyone gets near Springfield Mo. Ya gotta try em out.

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