Vote Early Vote Often


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I would like to think I voted twice today.  Once by casting my ballot and a second time by riding my bike to the polling place.

How about you?  How many votes did you cast today?

God bless…



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6 Comments on “Vote Early Vote Often”

  1. bgddyjim Says:

    I voted once, but you can believe I meant it when I did. And it felt glorious.

  2. I only voted once, but since I live in the People’s Republic of Illinois it really doesn’t make any difference anyway — we have “One Party Rule” (which explains why our economy stinks and the taxes are so high)

  3. rlhoover Says:

    I drove to the polls, was second in line, voted, then drove home and rode to work. The whole morning was fun and to top it off, I got to ride home.

  4. That seems like a lot of work!

  5. I sort of voted twice…we walked to the polling place instead of drove! That kind of counts!

  6. That works for me!

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