The glory in the evening ride

Sunset over Jail


Courts Building

flare in Courts Windows


When I walked out to get my bike last night, I just had to pause, awestruck over the glory of the sunset.  It was one of those magical moments that doesn’t last long.  I snapped a few pics, then jumped on my bike for the trip home, wondering if I would make it to the MLK Bridge before the sky turned totally dark.  I was chafing and fidgeting while waiting for the light to turn at Chestnut and Kimbrough because I could still see some of the color in the sky and could tell it was fading as I sat there.  There are a bunch of power-lines and signs that make it not worth trying to take any pictures there, so I knew my last chance would be on the bridge.

Sunset over downtown

Luckily, it held just long enough to get that last picture, leaving me content to enjoy the rest of the ride home.

I actually got a little bit of a late start, which made traffic nice and calm.  Coupled with the lack of wind and warm temperatures, it was just a delightful evening to be on the bike.  I would have been tempted to take the long way home but I knew I had places to be and people to see.  Oh well, maybe next time.

God bless…












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3 Comments on “The glory in the evening ride”

  1. rlhoover Says:

    One compensation to having a late, winter evening commute is the possibility of seeing sunsets like that. Thanks!

  2. What a fantastic sunset…thanks for sharing this with us all…!

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