Friday Fitness Struggles 1-25-2013


I’ve struggled a little the past couple of weeks, especially with my strength training.  My right elbow has been giving me a lot of grief, and has been pretty limiting in what I can do.  I presume it’s an overuse injury of some sort….I feel it in the tip of my elbow, but it also extends down into my forearm and is triggered by not only doing a “curl” motion, but by gripping things with my hand.  I’ve been icing it down and am taking ibuprofen nearly around the clock, but not seeing a lot of progress yet.

I’ve still been doing some weight lifting, trying to focus on core work and movements that don’t stress the elbow, but I can tell that even those are probably compounding the problem and probably need to be cut out.

On top of that, Pam’s not been cleared medically for any kind of strength training or cardio other than walking, so the temptation is there to just sit out with her.  We focused on walking last weekend, and I’m hoping she’s cleared for the spin bike at the end of the week so the lure of the bed sheets will become less of a problem.

On the positive side, I passed the 50 mile mark for runs this month:



20.8 mile Saturday commute

6 mile walk to breakfast


6 mile walk


45.4 LSD Bike Ride with hills

45 minutes strength training


20.5 mile bike commute


45 minutes strength training

20.5 mile bike commute


5.6 mile run

17.8 mile ugly bike commute


21.2 mile bike commute for the badge


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2 Comments on “Friday Fitness Struggles 1-25-2013”

  1. lampenj Says:

    If there’s one thing I fear in my training it’s suffering an injury. I feel I’m at a higher risk because I’m a novice assembling my own training plan. I hope for your speedy recovery and patience through the process :)

  2. rlhoover Says:

    I’m not happy at finding out about your arm. You must take care and fully recover. Pam, too.

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