Saturday Double-up

After our Saturday morning tandem ride, Mike and I headed back out after lunch for a spin down through Billings and Clever.


The temperature had warmed up nicely, but the skies couldn’t quite clear, alternating between the look above early in the ride to below later on.

mostly blue

The good news in regard to the weather was that the temperatures had climbed well into the 70′s, making shorts and a jersey the perfect combination for the day.  Despite the overcast, I should have applied a little sunscreen to my pasty white arms and legs, but they only got slightly red.  The bad news in regard to the weather was the wind.  It was blowing 20 mph from the south, with some gusts here and there.  Because of that, we had the following route planned.

4-6-2013 Map 2

We couldn’t have planned it any better, because about the time we hit the southernmost point, we noticed the wind shifting more from the southwest.  That was wonderful!  We had battled along into it for 18 miles, then when we made our turn toward Clever, it was smooth sailing!  We enjoyed that push all the way back, and our average speeds in the splits below reflected it.

Split 1 – 18.17 miles @ 15.4 mph  (to southernmost point)

Split 2 – 6.33 miles @18.5 mph (to Clever)

Split 3 – 15.2 miles @ 17.8 mph

After our morning ride, I had eaten a decent breakfast and lunch, then we made our usual c-store pit stops in Billings and Clever, where I made sure to take in enough calories to keep myself feeling good and strong.  For the afternoon, that entailed about 410 calories.  I’ve seen some estimators out there that say you should take in about 200 calories per hour for anything over 60 minutes, so it seems I did that right for our 2 hr 20 minute ride.  The last 5 miles or so involve quite a bit of climbing, and I didn’t notice any fatigue on those hills.


One of these days we’re going to get a weekend with perfect riding conditions, but until then, I’m going to be content to take what we can!

You can click the map above for the full GPS track.  With the morning ride, I ended up with a 60 mile day.  Good times!

God bless…


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