Bike to Work Week



For the last several years, Pam has joined me in riding our tandem to work for Bike To Work Week.  This year is no different, and based on our combined experience, getting both of us to work via the tandem is no big deal.


We both enjoy the week, and in the past Pam has continued on a part time basis through the summer, but in reality, both of us commuting by bike can get to be a little much (in fact, she would tell you that my commuting by bike full time can get to be a little much!), especially for her.  Last night was a good example:

  • She works on her feet most of the day at the clinic.  Last night she was dead tired and I could feel it on the way home and see it in the way she acted all evening.
  • She ended up working 35 minutes late to get the last patient out.  By the time we got home and got ourselves fed, the evening was pretty much shot.
  • She doesn’t have ongoing access to a shower.  This week, the fitness center is making theirs available, but that will end.  We come so far each day that not taking a shower can get pretty sketchy as the weather warms up.

So, with that said, we’ll enjoy the week and the extra time together, but two full time bike commuters in the family just isn’t practical.


God bless…



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