Fourth of July Tandem Ride


For the past several years, we’ve celebrated the Fourth of July by taking an early morning tandem ride.  Every year, I make sure to pull out my good old red, white, and blue jersey to mark the event.  That’s the second jersey I ever owned, and I’m not sure what the Fourth would be without it.  I bought it to commemorate the first metric century I ever did, ridden on a hybrid.  It goes back a ways….

We got an early start on our planned 30 mile excursion.  With lots of things to do later in the day, we decided a two hour ride was about the limits of what we wanted to invest, and it worked out well for us.  As we pulled out of the driveway, we made the executive decision to go toward Strafford, since the last time we rode from home we went the other way.


It was hard to believe it had been two weeks since we had been together on the tandem, but my super stoker didn’t miss a beat.   At first I thought I was having to work a little harder than usual, but after six miles I finally discovered we were riding in the big ring.  Once that captain’s error was corrected, the ride seemed more like normal!


In order to ensure we hit the 30 mile target, we made a little loop down FR104 to where it crosses the spring then came back toward Strafford.  As we pulled into town we saw a couple of groups getting ready for their Fourth of July Parade.  We’ve never seen it, but it looked to be a pretty typical small town parade…mostly tractors pulling decorated wagons!

As we turned back toward Springfield, we started seeing lots of riders.  With the holiday and the gorgeous weather, you couldn’t blame them.  Then, as we got closer to home we started seeing tons of runners out.  It was good to see so many people doing something healthy to start their day.


We kept rolling the entire distance, so by the time we got home I could tell Pam was starting to get a little tired.  At one point, she got a little concerned that I was trying to sneak miles in on her, but I assured her that I would never do that!

We did end up with 30.79, which I considered to be close enough considering I was mapping out the route on the fly!  You can click the map above for the full GPS track.

God bless…


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One Comment on “Fourth of July Tandem Ride”

  1. Steve Says:

    Looking dapper as always! That’s a great looking road. Color me jealous.

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