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July 27, 2010

As I started to leave work yesterday evening, big ole alligator tears raindrops were beginning to fall from the sky.   I was heading to a meeting at church, so I decided to pull out my jacket for the ride across town.  It’s nothing special, just a Goretex cycling jacket that’s been around a while.  Because of the number of times it’s been washed, it had lost most of it’s water repellency long ago.  I tried a couple of the spray-on products you can buy in camping stores and Wally-World, but they didn’t provide any noticeable help.

Last spring, I broke down and bought a nice pair of rain pants from Showers Pass.  When I did, I also ordered a jar of their Nikwax wash-in water repellent and used it on my jackets.  I’m pleased to report that the stuff works!  My old jacket shed water as nicely as it did the day I got it!  I’ll have to wait and see how it holds up, but at this point I think I can get by a while longer before I break down and spend the big bucks for the real Showers Pass rain jacket I keep coveting.

God bless…



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