Riding w/ Al

Somebody from my past showed up today for a bike ride.  Al worked for me as a contract programmer about 3 years ago, and just started riding toward the end of his stint.  He’s between contracts now, and since he has a cabin on Lake Pomme de Terre about an hour or so north of here, he called this week to see if I was interested in a bike ride.  Since I have a hard time turning one down, we planned a ride for this morning.

The day dawned overcast and cloudy, with a chance of rain predicted for later in the day, so we figured we were OK to go this morning.  It was warm and humid when we left, but we suspected we might get wet before everything was said and done.

I took him north past Danforth Cemetary, then we looped out to Fellows Lake.  After a quick pit stop there, we headed north toward Fair Grove.  I planned to stop at the convenience store and grab something to eat and drink since this would be a little over 50 miles round trip,  While we were standing on the sidewalk eating candy and fruit bars, it began to sprinkle a little bit.  We headed toward home in a light rain, and were hoping that it would let up quickly…but it was not to be.

We climbed the three ugly sisters in a pretty steady rain, which lasted the rest of the way home.  At one point, I fell into the “put your head down and pedal” routine, and felt like we actually made pretty good time for a while.

Al had not been on the bike in 10 days, and even though he has already ridden three centuries this year, all of his riding has been in the flatlands of California, so the hills began to take their toll on him at the three ugly sisters.  After that, he struggled to keep the pace he had been setting earlier.

If you could take the rain out of the equation, it was a pretty nice ride.  Decent pace, and it’s nice to ride with somebody.  I wanted Pam to come with us, but in hindsight, she made the best decision by staying home.  Riding in the rain would not have been very fun for her.

Here’s the GPS track.  We rode just about 52.5 miles.

God bless…


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2 Comments on “Riding w/ Al”

  1. Nathan Edwards Says:

    Pretty good going, how long did it take you?
    Do you get any decent climbs there… I’ve only got short rubbish ones to train on.

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    We were home in about 4 hours. The Garmin showed a moving time of about 3h 25 min.

    We don’t have a lot of net elevation gain here in Southwest Missouri. Most of our hills are actually valleys. You’re blessed with a nice downhill into the valley, then forced to climb out of it.

    Here’s a link to MotionBased.com. You can see that we had a total climb of 3,963 feet, but we also descended that same basic amount.


    Thanks for reading….

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