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Back to square one…..

September 30, 2008

Injured again…….

Boy, I just can get past this calf that’s been dogging me this fall.  This morning, I ran a mile, walked a mile, and then ran another one without a twinge.

Then I rode to work, rode at lunch, and rode home without feeling anything.

After supper, I went on a walk with Pam, and after a mile it knotted up again like it was before.  So much for not running for a week to let it heal…..

All I’ve gotta say is that at the ripe old age of 48, I can sure tell the body isn’t what it used to be.

Lord, please give me patience!

God bless….


Itchin’ to ride….

September 29, 2008

How is it that we can have one of the prettiest weekends of the year and I don’t touch my bike? 

Well, it goes something like this….even though Pam was encouraging me to go for a ride on Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to spend the time with her.  The result is that we:

  • Went to the farmers market
  • Walked over 5 miles on the Galloway trail (my justification for not riding the bike)
  • Bought some mums for the yard

The morning passed way too quickly!

Sunday was filled with church, then we smoked ribs on the Big Green Egg to serve my dad and sisters at supper in celebration of his birthday.  Pam and I both ate way too much, so we ended up going for a 5k walk about 7:30 in the evening just as soon as everyone left. 

My plan for cardio exercise this week is to start running slowly again now that I’ve given my calf a week to heal.  I ran a mile, walked a little over a mile, then ran another this morning before getting on the bike for my commute to work. 

As I got on the bike and headed to work, I noticed that I was grinning from ear to ear.  I just cruised in, enjoying the fact that my butt was on the saddle and my feet were on the pedals!

God bless…


It must be moonspots…..

September 26, 2008

I wonder what’s up today.  I’ve had more issues w/ vehicles in just my morning commute and noon ride today than I usually have in a week.

1)  The school bus driver that gave me absolutely no room as he/she passed this morning on Eastgage.  There was no oncoming traffic, yet he stayed smack in the center of his lane.  Which, by the way left very little of the right side for me.   I actually called the school system, but they won’t do anything without a bus number.  I’m hoping I see it next week, and if I do, I’m already planning to send them an e-mail to lodge my complaint.

2)  The lady in the old car with the handicapped parking sticker who shot across the street in front of me.  This is the same basic thing that happened Wednesday evening on the way home.

3)  The guy in the red pickup that started to pull out from his stop sign in front of me.  At least he saw me and stopped, but not before getting my hand raised into the air in that “What are you doing?” gesture.

4)  The guy in the pickup who pulled out from the left into the middle lane, then wouldn’t come over into the right lane in front of me.  I appreciate the fact that he was hesitant to pull out in front of me, but in that case, it’s what he should have done.  What he did was more of a hazzard than if he had just pulled out and gone ahead.

Oh, well….Here’s hoping for a better ride home.

God bless…


Where’s the bus station?

September 25, 2008

This evening as I was on my way home from work, I was buzzing down Trafficway at 20 mph, my legs just pumping because I was in kind of a low gear.  Traffic was kind of bad for some reason, and all of a sudden, I hear “Where’s the bus station?”. 

I looked over, and in the car next to me is a grizzled looking, haggle-toothed, mangy-headed old woman wearing an oxygen tube.  She yells again, “Where’s the bus station?”. 

I yelled back, “On Kearney Street.  Get on Glenstone and go north.” 

“OK, Thanks!”, she yells back, and they zoomed off.

You never know what’s gonna happen out there!

On another note, I haven’t ran since last Wednesday.  My calf was fine then, but on Friday I only got a couple of blocks before I realized it wasn’t going to let me, so I ended up walking the 5k and decided that I was going to restrain myself and not run this entire week.  I walked the 5k on Monday and this morning before riding to work.  I was feeling like I had plenty of energy at lunch, so I took a noon-time ride.  It actually felt kind of fast!

God bless….


To the lady in the red car…

September 23, 2008

Did you not even see me?  I mean, come on!  I’m riding the white line of the bike lane in my bright yellow jersey.  Was it so important that you save those thirty seconds that you didn’t care that I would have to brake hard to keep from getting squashed?  If I had been another fifteen feet down the road when you decided to zoom across St. Louis Street, I would have been a goner.

You know what aggravates me the most?  You never did see me.  I could tell by the way your hands were death gripping that steering wheel and your jaw was clinched as you continued to floor it as you continued south on Fremont.  I yelled at you, and gave you my signature wave that asks “What the crap are doing?” but you never flinched or took your eyes from the road ahead. 



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