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I’m outta here!

November 19, 2008

Vacation has arrived!  We fly out tomorrow morning for nearly two weeks of what we hope will be warm sunshine!

Wouldn’t you know it, though.  I’ve come down with a chest cold and it’s associated hacking cough.  It was enough that I didn’t go lift weights yesterday or try to run this morning but I did go ahead and ride in to work. 

My thermometer said it was 35 degrees when I left the house, but it seemed a little cooler than that.  I guess my body was rebelling a little as well, because I just felt pretty flat all the way in.  Hopefully I’ll return in a couple of weeks feeling rested and refreshed!

Until then,

God bless…


Winding down to vacation

November 17, 2008

Pam and I are doing something different this year for Thanksgiving.  We’re going on vacation!  But being gone over Thanksgiving is traumatic for our dear sweet daughter who thrives on routine, so we went all out and did the big Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday instead.  Because of all the preparation and cleaning we had to do (just for our two grownish kids, one boyfriend, and one “friend”), Saturday was a waste as far as fun stuff (cycling) was concerned, but it didn’t really matter because the weather was horrible.

Sunday, however, was an entirely different matter.  As we headed for church, the sun was out, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the wind was calm.  The whole way there, I was thinking to myself, “Boy, it looks like it’s gonna be a nice day and I’m not going to get to ride!”.  By the time church was over, the wind had kicked up pretty badly, and as we stopped for gas on the way home ($12.22 for two weeks driving the Prius!), I told Pam that it was probably a good thing that it was so windy or I might just go nuts because I couldn’t justify a ride. 

By mid-afternoon, I had the ham on the Green Egg, and was puttering around helping Pam where I could when I noticed that the wind had dropped.  At that point, all I could do was look wistfully at the lonely looking road bike hanging in the garage and lament that because of the upcoming vacation it was guaranteed that I wouldn’t have a chance to get on it until at least December 6th.  By that time, it will have been just at a month since the last time that bike has been ridden.  Bummer….

Ok.  Enough of the whining already.  This morning was a typical Monday morning.  I got up and ran 5k, then hopped on the Marin for an uneventful ride in.  The temperature was a little warmer than I was expecting from last night’s weather forecast.  I guess the cloud cover kept it from dropping as low as it had been expected, but those clouds did make for a dark and dreary trip to work.  Just to be sure I was safe, I used all my lights this morning. 

For some reason, on the commute home tonight I had two cars pull out in front of me.  I was expecting the 2nd, because it was backing out of a driveway, and another car had just backed out of the same drive and pulled away.  The girl was obviously distracted by the what her friend/parent was doing.  The first, however,  I had a hard time understanding.  He pulled out of a side street right in front of me.  I’m not sure if he didn’t see me or what…but I had both front lights going and the spoke lights turned on.  I would like to think he just didn’t see me or misjudged my speed rather than that he was just being a jerk.  Oh well…..

Commuter count today:  3 besides myself

God bless…


Let’s play a game……

November 14, 2008

My run got a pretty soggy this morning and the weather forecast is calling for even that to deteriorate, so I bit the bullet and drove in today. 

So, in lieu of anything interesting and bike related, let’s do something interactive….

If you’re one of the 6 or 8 folks who have managed to find this blog, please honor me by leaving a comment telling me who you are and where you’re from…..

I would appreciate it!

God bless….


100 pushups

November 13, 2008

Several weeks ago, I ran across the web site and was intrigued by it.  It’s basically a training plan to help you build strength in 6 weeks to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups.  I thought “I might be able to do 100.”, but I never followed up on it.  Well, last night I ran into the site again, so I decided that I would go for it this morning instead of my normal weight lifting routine at the fitness center, then go ahead and ride in to work since it’s supposed to be a nice day.

Now I suppose you’re thinking to yourself that I must be pretty smug to think that I can do 100 pushups, but I normally do 4 sets of 35 with my feet elevated on a weight bench in addition to the other weightlifting I do a couple of times a week.  The only question I had was whether I would have the strength and endurance to do 100 consecutive pushups.

I did 101 for good measure.

The ride in was a pretty normal commute.  The sun was shining for a change, so even though it was a nippy 39 degrees, it seemed like a decent morning for a ride.  Traffic wasn’t too bad, but my legs did feel kind of heavy.

Susie Turner caught me this morning to say that she had seen me last night on the way home.  I was actually nearly to the house, so it would have been full on dark, and she said I was lit up like a Christmas Tree and very visible.  That’s a good thing!  I would kind of like to get Pam to video me coming down the street in the dark so I can see for myself, but I’ve not gotten around to working on that one yet.

God bless….


Wednesday Commute

November 13, 2008

This morning was relatively warm….52 degrees at my house when I left for work, and a really nice day forecast.  Based on that, I made a conscious decision not to overdress, and was a little chilly on the ride in to work.  It was really humid, so the roads were pretty sloppy, but other than that, not a bad day for riding.

The one thing I noted on the way to work was that because it was dark, dank and dreary, I turned on all the lights.  At one point, I was making a left turn, and a car pulled up in the intersection to my left.  As I passed, I noticed his head and eyes following my spoke lights around the corner.  I guess they’re pretty noticable!  That’s a good thing.

As I prepared to leave work this evening, I checked the temperature via, and was really surprised that it was only 49 degrees.  I hadn’t been out at lunch, so that caught me by surprise even though it had been cloudy all day.  Based on the fact that I was a little chilly this morning, I was a little concerned that I might get cold as the sun went down on the way home.  Surprisingly, I was not…then I figured it out.  On my trip in this morning, I still had on all the wet clothes I ran in.  My habit has been to run, then just throw a cycling jersey over the base layer I run in, riding to work in the same tights and Underarmour underwear I run in.  Having hung in the locker room all day, they had dried out and were warmer on the way home than on the way to work when they were still sweat soaked.  I guess that’s a lesson that as it gets colder, I need to go ahead and change out of my running gear before heading to work.

The trip home was really nice.  I kept thinking to myself, “This is really a peaceful evening”.  I’m not sure why, but traffic seemed down, and what cars there were didn’t seem as frenetic (is that spelled right?) as they usually are.  Maybe it’s just because this was the first time in a long time that the wind hasn’t been howling from one direction or another.

It was interesting to me that I noticed smells on the way home tonight.  The sweet smell of a good old oak fire in somebody’s fireplace, followed by the not so nice smell of someone burning their supper.  Regardless of the fact that it was full dark before I got home, I really enjoyed the commute.  That’s why I ride!  Because it’s fun (at least part of the time).

God bless….



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