Friday…Can I just keep riding?

My run this morning was nothing special, but after running indoors already a couple of times this week, I was ready to get back outdoors.  I’m glad to have access to the fitness center with an indoor running track.  It sure beats cranking out mileage on a treadmill, but it’s still an ordeal.  Nine laps slowly adds up to a mile, so if you’re intending to run 5k, you’ve got to circle that thing 28 times.  Twenty eight mind-numbing times around that little circle.  Each lap takes 45-55 seconds, and there are clocks placed at two corners so you can tell how excruciatingly slow time is really passing.  The only saving grace is that there are at least people around to watch, and sometimes there are other runners on the track that you can try to catch. 

While the run was just kind of average, the ride to work was awesome.  With relatively warm temperatures (45 degrees when I left the house the first time), no significant wind, and absolutely no traffic this morning, I just wanted to keep riding.  My legs felt strong, the bike felt light, and the quietness of the morning really lifted my spirits.  That’s the thing I like best about my early morning rides…the quietness.  It’s especially nice as you move out into the countryside east of Springfield, but even in town this morning you could tell that a lot of people had the day off or were still out of town.   

Except for being 65 degrees when it was time to go home, the trip was pretty uneventful.  To break things up a little, I went south on Fremont and cut back over to Catalpa via Bennett.  It’s basically the same distance, but not as straight a shot since I have to jog around a little to get to the southbound Fremont bikeway.  It was so humid that I was throwing water off both tires the entire trip home, and at one point I had to cross a spot where a backhoe had been working in someone’s yard and had really mucked up the road.  Riding through a layer of good old red clay wasn’t much fun.  It felt like the bike could slide out from under me at any moment.

At this point of the year, each time I manage to ride my bike I wonder if it will be the last bike ride of the year.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and plan to ride again on Wednesday if the weather will cooperate.  I think January is generally a drier month than December, but the temperatures will bottom out so it might be a wash in terms of riding opportunities.  I keep thinking I should be able to ride in temps into the lower twenties, but so far every time it’s gotten that cold it’s been accompanied by storms or threats of storms.  I know there are some guys out there that don’t let anything stop them, but I’m not that hard-core!

God bless…


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2 Comments on “Friday…Can I just keep riding?”

  1. Pam Says:

    I just read that January is expected to be relatively dry and above average temps! Maybe your riding days will be extended.

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    Boy, I hope so. I’m not sure how cold I can go before my hands and feet start getting cold. I can layer enough on the rest to stay warm, but when I hit the limit of what I can do there, I’ll probably have to go back indoors. So far they’ve been fine, but unless I want to spend some significant bucks on gloves, I’ve got nothing else to add unless I try putting a big plastic bag over my lobster mitts!

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