Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep?  Last night I had one of those nights.  I laid there for what seemed like hours worrying about  becoming the owner of a Jeep that I don’t want.  Kids….I’ve got one that something like this would never happen to, and one who does crap like this all the time despite the fact that he’s now an adult.  The good thing is that now I’ve reached the point where the younger has been afforded all the opportunities that the older enjoyed, so now I can fairly say “No, you’re on your own.  Go figure it out.”

Because of that and the fact that today was supposed to be a pretty nice day, I ditched my plans to lift weights at the fitness center in favor of riding to work.  Depending on tomorrow’s weather, this could be the last day of riding for 2008!  If so, it’s been a good year.  I’ll go down and calculate the yearly mileage on Thursday, and I think it will be the most I’ve ever ridden in a year.

At lunchtime I wanted to get out, and toyed with the idea of a leisurely ride around the downtown area, but when I saw that the winds were blowing at 19 mph and gusting to 30 I made the executive decision that a walk down to Founders Park would be more enjoyable.  I suspected that it would be sheltered from the wind, yet open to enough sunshine to be comfortable and I was right.  I probably could have fallen asleep setting in the sun if I wanted to!


Founders Park - East side


Founders Park - West Side








As I entered the park, I was intrigued to see that there were a couple of “sharrows” painted on Water Street in front of it.  I didn’t realize Springfield had any of those anywhere.


At 5:00, the temperature was still 55 degrees and the wind had shifted around to the northwest.  That combination made the ride home absolutely delightful.  In addition, I’ve decided that going south on Fremont is more biker friendly than using the south Barnes route that I’ve been using.  Barnes is still OK in the morning, but I probably won’t use it anymore in the evening.

By the time I got home I could tell that it was time to replace the batteries in my lights.  I’ve got some of them at home, but not all.  I’m not planning to ride tomorrow, so hopefully I can pick them up before I need them next time. 

God bless….


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One Comment on “Unscheduled!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hope you sleep better tonight. I had several years of sleepless nights with my now 21 year old son. Never anything bad, no trouble with law etc.. but just a lot of crap! It’s been so much better with him living in his own house!

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