I like spring break!

When my kids were young enough to matter, I always hated spring break.  At that point, we were too poor to take many real vacations, but the expectation was always there that I should take a week of vacation to coincide with their time out of school.  The problem with that was the weather.  After all, it’s March in Missouri.  We’re just as likely to have really cruddy weather this time of year as we are to have reasonably nice weather.  Back then, I didn’t get much time off, so to take vacation and then have it too cruddy outside to play just killed me!

Not so these days!  The ride to work on Monday and today were gloriously devoid of traffic, people, and school buses.  It’s as if I own the road, and that makes for some pretty nice riding if you discount the Monday evening detour fiasco

I was talking with Libby’s boyfriend Jeremy last night and he said he was going to try riding his bike to work this morning.  Pretty cool.  I’ve never said anything t0 him about it, so it thrills me that he’s decided on his own to give it a try.  It should be a pretty easy commute for him.  He lives out near Highway CC and NN this side of Ozark and works at About Faces just a few feet from the Galloway trail.  I think he’ll have about 5 miles of county roads and then a couple of miles of MUP.   Hope he has fun and does it more than once!


Redbud at work

On the way home I noticed that the redbuds have bloomed.  I’m not sure if it’s just since Monday or if I just hadn’t noticed them yet this year.  I will say this…Springfield is a pretty place in the spring.  There are lots of ornamental trees and bushes out there!

At the big apartment complex on Bennett Street I noticed the three-wheeler parked out front again.  I bought my commuter from a kid in that apartment complex and he was trying to tell me about the man/kid that rides it.  He is either physically or mentally challenged (I couldn’t understand the real story behind the bike) and apparently uses it for quite a bit of utility riding.  I had seen it parked out there all winter, and noticed it missing the last couple of weeks. 


Somebody's three wheeler

As I arrived at home tonight, the clouds are looking kind of ominous.  We’re supposed to get more rain tonight and tomorrow.

God bless….


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One Comment on “I like spring break!”

  1. xiousgeonz Says:

    Even when people decide to try things “on their own,” I *know* that every time they actually see somebody doing it puts a little more energy in hte forces going that direction. That’s what gets me out riding on even dreary days…

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