Blown Away Monday

In a word….WINDY! 

I didn’t notice the wind too much yesterday morning running, but on the way to work I could tell that it was behind me and pushing me along.  It actually made the morning bike commute kind of fun.

The trip home, however, was just downright rotten!  Not only was the sky cloudy and gray, but the wind was absolutely like riding into a wall.  While waiting for the light at JQH Parkway and Chestnut, the wind was gusting so badly that I nearly lost my balance.  I was standing on one leg anyway, with the other clipped in and that big gust caught enough of my trunk bag that it nearly took me over.  Wow!

I also noticed that except for cars, there was hardly anyone on the street yesterday afternoon.  There were a couple of kids on BMX bikes playing around Jordan Valley Park, but other than that it was pretty barren, even around MSU.  I like to go home via MSU (Cherry to Fremont to Bennett, then cut over to Catalpa) because it just feels more alive and vibrant than the more direct route that I take to work.  This day, however, the wind must have been too much for those who absolutely didn’t need to be out because nobody was.

By the time I got home, I was beat up, tired, and cranky.  Cycling doesn’t usually do that to me, so I’m just going to write yesterday off as one of “those days” and move on.

God bless….


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2 Comments on “Blown Away Monday”

  1. xiousgeonz Says:

    I have often heard people quip that hills make you strong, but wind makes you mean-spirited. I have always wondered if that were really true. It makes sense that the gusty stuff does, even for me… there’s enough to attend to without adding that to the mix!
    A steady wind, though, doesn’t really bug me. It’s work, but it doesn’t make me irritated the way fighting gusts does.

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    Boy, I’ll buy that one! I usually don’t mind the wind, but the past couple of weeks it’s been getting on my nerves.

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