Bike Springfield 2009

I participated in Bike Springfield 2009 this morning.  Forty-three fine souls showed up on a windy Saturday to take the 6 mile historical tour of downtown Springfield.  I had volunteered as a ride leader a month or so ago and was interested to see what kind of folks would turn out.  It seemed to be a mix…roughly split 50/50 between those of us who ride around town all the time and those who may have just been out for a nice outing on a Saturday.  There were several couples there that I remembered from other rides, and even one couple that I know….Joe Bob and Faith Fuller were there on their Trek tandem.

I thought there was supposed to be some sort of program before the ride actually started, but if there was I missed it.  When we departed the C’U parking lot, I had a group of 5.  Besides Joe Bob and Faith, there were Jan and his daughter Jordan, and another gentleman from Forsyth who’s name got away from me.  We took a slow path over through OTC, then up past the ballpark (where there was a game getting ready to start….Go Cards!) to St. Louis Street.  After the talk by the first History Museum docent, we rode down St. Louis Street to the Square where John Sellers told us about that area.  We then went south on South Street, and circled back to the Old Calaboose for our third lecture.  Our route took us over to Main Street and a loop back to Booneville Street where Joe Bob and Faith had a flat! 


Beginning Instructions.



Some of my group



First Stop on St. Louis Street

They didn’t have a spare tube, so they just decided to take on some air and make a run back to the parking lot at CU.   Without them, our fourth stop was at the new Courthouse, then we rode to our final history docent up on Commercial Street.  That stop also coincided with the first day of the Farmer’s Market this season, so there was quite a bit of activity there.  Someone was selling hula hoops and there was a constant parade of folks showing what they could do with them!





The Courthouse

In all, I thought it was a pretty nice event, but I think they should have kicked it off with some formality.  I suppose I was expecting a few more folks but in hindsight I thought the groups were about the right size and if there were any more, it would have been harder to keep them separated at the various stops.

I did have a chance to finally meet Andy from Carbon Trace.  It was nice to finally put a face to the website!  Afterward, we rode part of the way home together since he lives on my preferred route home.  As we approached his house, it appeared that his wife and daughter had some work for him to do!  They were out planting shrubs. 



Between the ride to the office, the actual tour and the ride home I ended up riding about 23 miles this morning.    Not a huge mileage day but at least I got to ride my bike!  I’m easily pleased, aren’t I?

God bless….


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One Comment on “Bike Springfield 2009”

  1. jeff Says:

    Always better to ride than not.

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