Greased Lightning!


Lightning at Branson....

At least it was lightning! 

As we left the house this morning on the tandem, we noticed some dark looking clouds to the SW and commented that we were a little surprised by them.  We missed the full weather forecast last night, but the last one we saw indicated clear weather until mid-week. 

As we topped out above Turners, we saw the first lightning from those clouds, and I made a mental decision that surely we could ride another 15 miles before the storm got to us.  Nevertheless, both of us kept an eye on the skies as we approached our turnaroud point at Logan Rogersville High School. 

That reminds me….turning the tandem around in the road is a delicate procedure that requires a combination of skill, balance, trust and teamwork.  We need just about every inch of the roadway to accomplish it, and we always make a game of not “crossing the line” onto Highway 125 as we make the turn.  This morning, I “crossed the line” and Pam gave me some grief for it!

After we turned, we had a better view of the storm, and could tell that the lightning was putting on a pretty impressive show, but both of us felt we would make it home OK.  As we were entering the neighborhood, I decided that perhaps it would be wise of me to go ahead and put the top up and the sides on the Jeep and drive to work since we were hearing an almost constant rumble of thunder.  I guess that distracted me because Pam had to complain that I was forgetting to let her “post up” on some of the more pronounced bumps.  As tandem captain, it’s my job to ensure she has a comfortable ride, and today I must have been slacking!


View from our back yard

We hit the driveway and I just about fell over when I checked our average speed for the morning.  It was 17.6 mph, which is 6/10′s over our previous high for the year, and we weren’t particularly trying to push hard.  I guess the couple of days rest we had over the weekend benefited us both!

Wouldn’t you know it, though.  I got to work completely dry.  I never did see any actual rain!  Oh well……

Oh yeah…It’s the end of June.  That means the year is half over.  My total mileage to this point is 2,533.  I’m not sure how that stacks up against previous years at this time.

God bless…


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One Comment on “Greased Lightning!”

  1. jeff Says:

    That is a great picture of the lightning! I like to count how long it takes to hear the thunder after you see the lightning to gauge how far away it is. In the mountains sometimes it’s close to 30 seconds. Not sure what distance that signifies, but it’s sure different from Kansas.

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