Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

My watch is nothing to brag about, but it meets my needs.  It’s actually a Sigma PC-15 Heart Rate Monitor that Pam won in a raffle several years ago.  I’ve long ago stopped using it as a HRM, but because it meets my basic needs as a watch I keep wearing it in spite of the fact that it’s a little big.  What I need in a watch are:

  • Something that can take a beating.
  • Something that I can sweat in.
  • Something that I can shower in.
  • A stopwatch/timer.
  • An illuminated face.
07-07-2009 038

My watch....

The battery died in it the other day, so I thought it would be a simple affair to get a replacement, but that process turned into an ordeal.  I’m sure I would have had to replace the battery at least once before, but for the life of me, I don’t remember having the trouble I did with this one.  The actual battery replacement was a snap…then my troubles started!

I expected to have to reset the time, but what I didn’t expect was that the stupid thing would come back in German!  I fiddled around with it for a while the other night trying to find the menu item for resetting the language, but that was a lesson in frustration!  I finally gave up in disgust and went to bed thinking I would go find the user manual on the internet and take care of it in the morning.

When I found the manual, however, I was no better off.  Talk about a complicated affair!  With text in both English and German, I had to wade through several pages to finally get to the part about how to change the language.  One basic problem here….the English section of the manual told you how to go change the language to German.  It was no help in trying to get the language changed from German to English! 

After trying for several minutes to decipher it and making no progress, I decided that I would try to “count clicks”.  I figured that if I started from the front, I should be able to count clicks to finally drill down to the language setting.  Tried that twice…something’s still not clicking (pardon the pun), so I assume I was either mis-reading the manual or not doing a proper job of counting the clicks I was making on the watch.  I gave that up in frustration and put it aside for a while.

Then I had an epiphomy while I was at lunch yesterday.  I came back and did a language translation in iGoogle for the word “settings” in German.  It’s “einstellungen”.  I started at the front and clicked my way through the menu options until I found it.  Then, I translated “language”.  It’s German translation is “sprache”.  I clicked through until I saw that.  When I opened that up, it just took a couple of clicks before I saw the word “English”, so I clicked that and was home free!

What an ordeal!

Cycling related:  Not much.  The morning commute was pretty normal except for the guy that passed me going south on Oak Grove while I was waiting to cross on Catalpa.  He was riding a road bike with a backpack and totally ignored me when I said “Hi” as he approached.  What a donkey! 

The trip home was another case of cloudy skies that looked like might dump on me at any time but I made it.  For as much rain as we’ve had lately, it’s amazing that I’ve not gotten any wetter than I have.

God bless…


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7 Comments on “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

  1. jeff Says:

    I have a little travel alarm clock with a temperature gauge that I use in my tent. Somehow the temp got switched to celsius and I was lost. Luckily whn I changed the battery it came back in farenheit.

  2. gtinla Says:

    Warum hast Du mich nicht angerufen, Ich haette Dir ja gern geholfen?

    Translation: Why didn’t you call me, I would have helped you?

    Nice going, Tracy!! ;-}

  3. Melissa Says:

    God Bless You! I tried the manual, tried to call Sigma, tried the ever amazing Google and you were my angel! You helped me change the language on my PC-15 and I can’t thank you enough!!!

  4. Paul Says:

    Thanks for this. I just got one from Aamazon and was baffled by the instructions.

    At least now I have a change as the watch is now speaking english with me!

  5. Charlie Says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for writing this blog. I had exactly the same problem, fixed in seconds, thanks to you!

  6. John Says:

    I have the same problem ! Can you provide me with the site where I can download the English manual?
    South Africa

  7. Without Googling it, I cannot. As you can tell from the date, this is a very old post and I don’t have that watch anymore.

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