A different kind of hat

While I don’t often put on an advocacy hat when it comes to cycling, I ran across this the other day and found it to be kind of interesting.  I’ve never felt like I had trouble finding a place to park my bike, but in some cities I guess it’s a problem.  Maybe what is interesting to me is that there is such a demand for bike parking in Portland.  I’ve always known it was a biking hot spot, but you never see that kind of demand for bike parking here in little ole’ Springfield. 

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so I planned our “tandem date” for tomorrow if the weather will cooperate.  Suffice it to say that it will involve a bike ride and lunch with my sweetie.


 The ride to work this morning was nice and peaceful.  I didn’t ride out toward Rogersville or go to the fitness center , but was out early enough that I was ahead of traffic. 

I think I’ll end the week with about 162 miles, which is much more to my liking than last week.  There won’t be very many of those high mileage weeks left this year, so I’m enjoying them while I can.

God bless…


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One Comment on “A different kind of hat”

  1. jeff Says:

    Thanks for the bike-parking link. While I don’t face that problem often, I think it’s a great idea.

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