Chasing a Rabbit…busting a gut!

On the way home from work the other day, I noticed a guy on a  mountain bike pulling out onto Catalpa from a side street about three blocks in front of me.  It looked like an older gentleman, wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt and tennis shoes (no helmet).  I didn’t pay too much attention initially, but after following him a block or two, I noticed I wasn’t gaining on him.

That became a challenge.  I didn’t know which direction he might head, but I decided to give chase.  The rest of the way down Catalpa, I chased hard, but it was all I could do to gain ground.  What gives with this guy? He doesn’t look like he should be fast!

At the intersection of Catalpa and Eastgate, he turned south, so I kept my head down and charged up the hill in hopes of catching him.  Man, I was about to bust a gut, but the distance between us was slowly getting shorter.  I was now close enough to see that he was, in fact, an older guy in tennis shoes and sweatpants, but I never did catch him until we rolled up to the stoplight at Sunshine. 

At that point, he went between the two lines of cars all the way up to the light.  Not a cool move!  As I sat several car lengths behind him, I began to notice something different about his bike.  It looked like he had some hard-sided panniers on a rack, and what looked like a drum brake from a tandem on the hub. 

When the light changed again, he took off and I had to wait for several cars to clear the intersection before I could cross so he got a pretty good lead on me again.  I pretty much gave up on catching him at that point, but I sure was aggravated that I couldn’t catch him.

Heading up the final hill on Blackman Road in front of the fire station, I saw that I might have one more chance to run him down.  I pushed hard, and saw that I would finally overtake him just before I had to turn on Sunset to head for home.  As I finally caught him, I realized from the “hum” coming from his bike that I had been chasing a stinking electric bike for the last three miles!  This is what the guy was riding:


Good grief!  No wonder I couldn’t catch that old fart!  If I had known he was riding with battery power, I wouldn’t have bothered!  Oh well…at least I got a good workout in!

God bless….


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4 Comments on “Chasing a Rabbit…busting a gut!”

  1. 100poundsago Says:

    Freaking hysterical!!!

  2. Scott Says:

    LOL Tracy! That is a great story… I am still chuckling!

  3. jeff Says:

    Glad you got to see what you were chasing.

  4. Carter Says:

    Yep I have had a couple of races with this guy

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