In Awe of The Fat Cyclist

For the past couple of days, I’ve been watching a story develop that just blows me away……

Do you know who Elden Nelson is?  The Fat Cyclist?  Come on, surely you do?

If you don’t, you need to go over to and check him out.  He’s a cycling blogger whose web site is among the most recognizable in the cycling websphere.  His wife passed away earlier this fall after a long fight with cancer which Fatty documented on his blog.  He has dedicated his life to raising money for cancer research.  In addition, he’s had a very active weekend and two days!   

As background, here is some text that I lifted from .  I figured Fatty could tell you about it way better than I could. 

Our Story So Far

For those of you who haven’t been following — and for those of us with short attention spans –here’s what’s happened so far.

  1. Last Thursday I wrote a blog post in the form of a resume cover letter to Johan Bruyneel, Director of the newly-formed Team RadioShack.
  2. On Friday, Johan replied, saying I could be on the team for a day if we raised $20,000: $10K for LiveStrong, and $10K for the World Bicycle Relief Fund. If we raised $50K — $25K for each cause — he’d also give me a Trek Madone.
  3. I started scrambling, figuring out how I could possibly raise that much money in under a week.
  4. On Sunday, I posted my response: a contest where you can win the Madone, signed by Team RadioShack, by donating to the World Bicycle Relief Fund; or where you can win a custom-painted Fat Cyclist Gary Fisher Superfly by donating to LiveStrong.
  5. Yesterday — within 24 hours of when I posted my contest — we hit not only the $20K mark, but the $50K mark as well. In other words, in less than one day after the contest began, you hit the stretch goal Johan set for us for the week.
  6. Johan began scrambling, looking for a new stretch goal.
  7. Last night (Monday), Johan posted a new goal, with a new prize, on his blog.


It looks like the new goal is also going to be surpassed within a day.  That’s $100 Grand, people.  In two days!  I’m amazed at a couple of things.  First, how quickly people are getting behind Fatty and making those donations.  Second, that in this economy this many people are opening their pocketbooks for these worthy causes.  Won’t you join them by making a donation as well?  I have……

Here are the links:


World Bicycle Relief Fund

God Bless…


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2 Comments on “In Awe of The Fat Cyclist”

  1. [...] this weekend. A San Diego cyclist gets a ticket for observing CVC21202. Missouri’s Tracy Wilkins is in awe of the Fat Cyclist; evidently, Johan Bruyneel is, too. New York joins the long list of states [...]

  2. Pam Says:

    I already did too…mine went to the World Bicycle Relief, I love that program. A bike to those folks is like having a luxury car.

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