Lake MXZ302 Winter Boots

OK.  I admit it.  I’ve had shoe lust for a long time now.  It started last year when I kept riding through colder and colder temperatures.  I was wearing my SIDIs with a lightweight bootie AND a heavier Pearl Izumi Amfib bootie.  And still getting cool feet!   I tried fitting wool socks in the mix, but my shoes don’t have room for the additional bulk.  Then, I read a post by MUPEDALPUSHER, who had gotten a pair of Lake Winter Boots.    I decided right then and there that I needed some of those.  Until I saw the price!  Good grief!  The stupid things are nearly worth their weight in gold!  I watched the internet for them throughout the summer, hoping I would find a sale but never did.  

By fall, I had made my mind up that I would just go ahead and buy a pair if Pam didn’t object, but that idea took a back seat when I decided to get a new bike instead!  I was resigned to using my two pairs of booties for the remainder of the year.

Then, the Sunday School class I teach blessed me with a very generous gift certificate to Sunshine Bike for Christmas, and Dad gave me a little cash for my birthday.  I asked Pam how she would feel about us picking up the remainder of the tab as my birthday gift from her, and the rest is history.  They came in early this week and I got to wear them today for the first time.  The temperature was floating around 25 degrees, and I was very comfortable in them with just a plain pair of cotton gym socks.  When it’s colder, I may want to start wearing my wool socks for some added warmth.

The roads were still a little dicey this morning on my slick tires.  I had to walk out of my neighborhood, and a couple of other places.  In addition, I encountered several spots where there was just a little glaze of black ice which was really hard to distinguish from the areas that were just wet.  There were several other intersections that were mostly iced over, so I had to take it pretty slow and cautiously. 

One of the spots I had to walk....

I made it, although it was a slow enough trip that I wished I had left a little earlier!

God bless….


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6 Comments on “Lake MXZ302 Winter Boots”

  1. Steve A Says:

    I presume you’re using these with SPD cleats? All you’re missing now are the studded tires! I think I’ll keep my eyes open for sandals if I feel compelled to get a second set of bike footwear. North Texas ain’t Minnesota, or even Missouri. Still, warm
    toes WOULD be nice…

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    Yes, I use two different types of SPD pedals. The ones on the Surly are just the plain old Shimano M520′s that are pretty reasonably priced. On my road bike and the tandem, we use the Shimano A520′s, which have a little more platform on them. I feel like those are a little better suited for long hauls. I’m not really much of a pedal-snob. The more reasonably priced options work well for me, although I will admit that I’ve had to replace pedals on the tandem be cause they simply wore out. Maybe a higher end pedal might have lasted longer.

    For the summertime, I have a pair of Keen cycling sandals. You can read about them at

    As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  3. Pam Says:

    Don’t you just love them? Glad you got a pair, I have never regretted mine.

  4. Carter Says:

    You are making me covet Mr. Sunday School Teacher :)
    But at that price I could get a small fairing for the feet.

  5. [...] wore my Lake winter boots for the first time this year.   I’ve been toying with the idea a few times already, [...]

  6. Bluediamond59 Says:

    I’ve looked at the Lake MXZ302 Winter Boots for several years now but always thought they were to spendy for me. This year maybe. I’ve used Northwave Celsius GTX winter cycling boots, $159. They have worked pretty well for me. After a couple of years they are showing age. The coldest I’ve ridden with them is -16 F. I don’t remember the wind chill factor that day. 10-15 mph wind. I stayed nice and toasty. I’ve found that at 5 miles into my commute everything seems to warm up from my toes to my finger tips. Before that my toes and finger tips usually get a little chilled but still bearable. Minnesota weather. Twin Cities.
    Like the blog. Good job. It’s interesting to see what fellow commuters in different places have to say.

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