Just driven to ride

This is the view out my dirty office window this afternoon.  The crud was actually forecasted to start late yesterday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to drive the Jeep so I could run an errand that I had been avoiding doing for a couple of days because doing so would prevent my riding the bike to work.  It was cold and windy by the time I got home last night, but the snow still handn’t started.  Likewise, by bedtime it was still pending.  I muttered to myself that I could have/should have ridden my bike, and hoped that by the time I got up the dreaded white stuff would be stacked high on the lawn.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I looked out the window and there was still not a flake in sight!  My first thought was “Check the radar…maybe I can ride!”  Luckily, it showed a blob over the top of us that made me come to my senses.  By the time I got out of the house, it was coming down pretty good and has not stopped since.  They’re now saying we might get 3-5 inches.

The sub-title of this blog says “I’m just driven to ride”, and that’s the truth.  On days like yesterday and today, it drives me nuts to not get to ride my bike to work.  (Yeah, I know there are guys (and gals..for equal opportunity) out there that bike commute in the snow, but I’m not one of them.)  Today, I had to settle for a lunch-time run on the treadmill at the fitness center for my adrenaline fix. 

Sigh….maybe next week.

God bless….


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6 Comments on “Just driven to ride”

  1. Steve A Says:

    So, to put things in perspective, what distance are we talking about? In the worst case, walking a bike home is not exactly like trying to push a Jeep through snow drifts.

  2. RANTWICK Says:

    You are killing me. I know this year is out, but please, for the love of God, consider grabbing a yard sale mountain bike and a pair of good tires for next winter. Ride in the snow. You will love it.

  3. Steve A Says:

    I’ve cured that guilty feeling at having missed the occasional ride by the adaption of ” the motorcycle meter.” I’ll do a post on it, but count the motorcycles that made the trip in to work. If that meter (count) is unusually low, you were wise to drive in. I’ll bet the MM reading was low both days. Yesterday our MM count was at one so I congratulated myself at taking the Land Rover to work.

  4. Zeke Yount Says:

    The storm loaded us up again in Western North Carolina when it arrived. Using Steve A’s MM approach, I’d have to say my Harley didn’t move yesterday and won’t today and I didn’t see a single other motorcycle out. It’s a pretty good bet they won’t be moving today either as we’re still getting sleet and freezing rain to top off our 8″ to 12″ of new snow.

    - Zeke

  5. tracywilkins Says:

    Well, we woke this morning to about 6 inches total.

    Rantwick, interestingly enough, I just sold a decent mtb this fall. It was just hanging around in the way, and literally the only time it got ridden was out on the local MUP with Pam. I think we put about 60 miles total on that bike last year, so I figured for that I could just ride my commuter.

    Unlike you folks up north, winter weather here is actually a rarity. We usually get a couple of decent snows a year, but we just don’t have enough to do a good job of cleaning things off afterward. I could easily put some aggressive cross or studded tires on my Surly Cross Check commuter, but at this point I haven’t decided that’s something I want to do. When it gets like this, I usually drive a loop to drop Pam off at work so she doesn’t have to drive in it. While it shouldn’t be so, the truth is that snow is a traumatic affair for our fair city!

    Thanks for all your input!


  6. RANTWICK Says:

    I know, I know… grumble grumble. I sometimes forget that snow is a rarity for many. I don’t know that even I would keep a bike or even a set of tires in order to handle a few days a year.

    I just get a little out of control in my snow riding boosterism sometimes, I guess!

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