Finally!  Because of the great weather outside, I took the opportunity to ride here at lunch:


To pick up this:


From the spot I dropped it last night while loading my bike in the back of the car after church. 

On the way back, I was treated to an ignorant fool yelling at me to get on the sidewalk.  It’s been a while since that has happened, and I decided it’s probably because all the yelling fools have had their car windows rolled up because of the cold temperatures.

You know, I don’t want go generalize, or come off as politically incorrect, but most of the people who feel compelled to yell at me all look eerily similar.  Driving an old beater of a car that’s filthy dirty;  long, scraggly hair that needs a cut and a wash; overweight; smoking a cigarette.  Hmmm….I wonder if that’s just a coincidence?

Anyway, back to a positive note!  I loved the weather today.  Even on the way home it was around 50 degrees and I actually could have ridden home without lights if I wanted! 


Hope your day went as pleasantly as mine.

God bless…


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3 Comments on “48!”

  1. DC Says:

    I shoveled snow for what seems like the 60th day in a row.

    At least I didn’t have anyone yell at me! :)

  2. Ron Says:

    48 looks good! We just happened to get back from a week in Florida where the low was high 30s. Did not see too many cyclists out [we were in Lakeland] but maybe on a future trip my wife and I can rent some wheels and see the countyside. Glad to be back!

  3. [...] of Arizona police go after salmon riders, not stop sign runners. Is it just a coincidence that all the drivers who yell “Get on the sidewalk!” look alike? Snow piled on road shoulder may be partially at [...]

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