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March 31, 2010


At church tonight, seven adults and three kids joined us for the first South Haven Cycling – Wednesday night ride of the year.  After a brief devotion, we headed over to the South Creek trail for a very easy ride to the west end of the trail.  It was such a beautiful evening that the trail was pretty busy, but the only real point of congestion was at the park. 


We pretty much had a couple of groups based on speed, but I think over all, for our first trail excursion it went about as I expected.  Hopefully, everyone had a good time and will come back next week.



God bless…


I like it!

March 31, 2010

Wow!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Our weather has turned glorious!  It’s sure a pleasure to not need to dress for winter before heading to or from work.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’ve got some opportunities for decent rides coming up in the next few days.  Hopefully nothing will happen to alter those plans!

God bless…..


Inaugural ride of South Haven Cycling

March 27, 2010

Today was the inaugural ride of South Haven Cycling!  We had a total of 1 bike there; 2 riders.  Yep, Pam and I were alone!

But…it wasn’t the best of riding conditions.   In fact, today was far from ideal for cycling.  The wind was howling 25-30 mph, with some gusts over that.

We ran seven miles this morning, so we weren’t sure how our legs would feel, and I even suggested to Pam that we just go home –  but she was a trooper and decided we would ride since we were ready and there!  What a woman!

We set off toward Rogersville at an easy spin intended to save our legs and knees as we fought the wind.  We soon found that we were in relatively good shape in spite of our earlier efforts, but I could tell that we might not feel so confident if we had to climb many hills.  At about 4.5 miles, we could see the storm clouds beginning to build behind us and decided we had better heed the forecast for afternoon showers so we looped back to the Jeep.  We arrived back with exactly 10 miles on the big bike.

We had time to drive the five miles back to the house before the storms overtook us.  I unloaded the bike just as the front edge of the storm began to drop it’s rain!  Wonderful timing!

We’ll hope for better weather and participation next week.

God bless…


3-Foot Passing Laws

March 26, 2010

Photo Credit:

You see a lot of buzz around the interwebs about the various attempts to pass laws defining minimum distance requirements for passing cyclists.  I think there are currently about 9 in various stages of debate throughout the country.  The standard for those seems to be 3 feet, and while I don’t care to debate the specifics in what a minimum safe passing distance is, I do feel like some enforceable standard is better than no standard at all.

I ran across the picture above the other day and found it interesting to actually be able to see what a 3 foot passing margin actually looks like.  I would have to quibble, however, that the car above is passing less than 3 feet from the cyclist due to the mirror sticking out.

However, that distance can sometimes look quite a bit smaller than it is when you’re sitting on the saddle and that big pickup truck passes with a roaring engine and a plume of exhaust!

God bless, and have a great weekend!


deja vu….

March 25, 2010

One of the interesting things about my evening bike commute is that it takes me through the campus of Missouri State University and it’s outskirting neighborhoods.  When the weather is decent, it’s an area that’s vibrant and full of life.  And, when you get that many young people gathered together during these first days of spring, there are certain things that are going to happen. 

Case in point…..

These guys were out on Kimbrough as I was headed to church last night.  I’ll admit, this behaviour didn’t surprise me in the least, because the same thing happened last year on Fremont!

I guess it must be a pretty common drinking game……

By the way, I don’t condone the behavior.  I just think it’s funny.

God bless….




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