New Gloves!

Before my daughter got married, she worked in the shoe department at JC Penney.  It didn’t take long before we realized she was using her employee discount to amass quite a collection of shoes.  We didn’t quite realize the extent of her collection until she got married and her husband had to try to find space to store those shoes.  For some reason, he’s still sensitive when the subject of shoes comes up!

With the weather forecast for this morning calling for temps in the forties, I started rummaging around my cycling gear for the right pair of gloves and came to the realization that I’ve started a collection of my own! 

You see, my hands are very cold natured.  My wife will tell you they feel like ice cubes almost every time I put them on her (which is often, by the way)!  Unfortunately, that means I tend to keep seeking out new and better options for keeping my digits toasty warm in all weather.  This morning, I pulled out a brand new pair of “mild weather” gloves.  As I did, I laid out all the other options I had for different temperatures and realized there were eight pairs of gloves laying on the floor.  Good grief!

Do you find yourself accumulating stuff like that also, or does it just run in my family?

God bless…


Footnote:  I would probably be remiss if I didn’t explain why I have a new pair of mild weather gloves.  I lost the last pair I had.  I found out that when you lay them on the spare tire on the back of the Jeep and then drive someplace they will magically disappear.  Can you imagine that?

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3 Comments on “New Gloves!”

  1. Apertome Says:

    I amass certain things, but gloves aren’t one of them. I use the same pair of gloves from the 40s down to around 10 degrees. I’m always shocked at how well those thin gloves keep my hands warm (they’re Specialized Deflect, FWIW). They’re actually only rated DOWN to 50 degrees, but above 50 I don’t wear full-fingered gloves.

    OK, crap, I just counted my cycling gloves in my head and I have 6 pairs. Granted most of them are not full-fingered, and one pair I don’t wear anymore, but still … I guess I also have a pair of ski gloves I use under 10 degrees. So put me at 7 pairs of gloves. And I thought they hadn’t accumulated …

    Your jeep story reminded me of a similar story. One time I went mountain biking. I drove home, a 30-minute, hilly, curvy drive. When I got home, I realized I’d left my GPS sitting on top of the trunk of my car. I got out of the car and somehow the GPS was still sitting there! I couldn’t believe it hadn’t fallen off during the drive home. What luck!

  2. Steve A Says:

    I’ve accumulated several sets of gloves myself. Mittens, too. Partly its because I don’t throw the old, worn out ones out until there is no other choice. Duct tape works well for a while…

  3. Zeke Says:

    Hmm, let’s see…

    2 pair fingerless gloves,
    1 pair Pearl Izumi winter weight
    1 pair silk “under” gloves for layering
    1 pair waterproof winter weight over the wrist gloves
    1 set heated handlebar grips – no wait – that’s the Harley… The good news is that the gloves are interchangeable from Harley to Fuji! :)

    - Zeke

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