It’s Everywhere!

Road Construction on my bike commuting route.

Catalpa at Highway 65

The underpass is closed due to bridge work on 65, causing me to detour around it by taking Battlefield over the highway and coming up Ingram Mill.  This route adds about 1.5 miles and has quite a bit more traffic than the more straightforward route I usually use.

Fremont south of Grand

This section of my route is being resurfaced.  They’ve ground off the old layer of asphalt and haven’t yet laid down the new one.  I made the mistake of riding this on Monday and had about three teeth rattle out of my mouth.  Since then, I’ve re-routed over to Pickwick for this section.  Andy has a few pics up on his website.

Deeswood at Sunshine

The construction pictured above just  started this week.  They’re replacing several sections of bad pavement.   I don’t have any good options for avoiding this since I can’t cross the highway at Catalpa.  I could cross Sunshine further to the west, but doing do would put me on some higher traffic arteries and add more mileage. 

Is this much road work going on in other parts of the country, or is this just a Springfield thing?

God bless….


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4 Comments on “It’s Everywhere!”

  1. Steve A Says:

    It’s even worse in Texas. Those roads sure are nice and smooth afterwards.

  2. Ron Hoover Says:

    Could you use Cherry in crossing over 65?

  3. tracywilkins Says:

    Ron, I could use Cherry, but it’s pretty disagreeable to ride on in 5:15 traffic. Lots of cars and pretty darn narrow means that it’s not a lot of fun.

  4. Ron Hoover Says:

    Yes, Tracy. I hear you. Cherry is supposed to get an upgrade, but that is just from Barnes to Oak Grove.

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