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October 31, 2010

Answer the following question:

The Springfield Cyclist is:

a)  Lance’s older brother

b)  Selling his bikes and giving up cycling

c)  A marathoner

d)  Joining Team Radioshack as a domestique



October 29, 2010

Dad gum it!  It got too cold too fast!  At 32 degrees when I left the house this morning, I had to pull out my lobster mitts and winter coat for the first time this year.  Combined with a pair of sweats over my tights and a balaclava to provide a 2nd layer over my ears, I was good to go! 

Warning:  Rant coming!

I also wore my new Fat Cyclist jersey for the first time today.  Snazzy isn’t it? 

But the question I have is why in the world do they size these things so that a little guy like me has to buy an “extra large” to fit?  I mean, come on!  I’m only 5’7″, and weigh 160 lbs.  Every other shirt I buy except for spandex base layers is always a medium.  The first jersey I ordered was a “large”, but it fit my arms and shoulders so tightly that I was afraid I would rip it apart the first time I rode in it.  That same thing happened when I bought my MSU jersey last year.  I know professional cyclists are bean pole wimps when it comes to their upper bodies, but these jerseys are advertised to be “club cut” so you would expect them to have a little more room.  I do lift weights regularly, but I ask, do I look like a bulked up body builder?

I would sure hate to be a big guy trying to find a jersey to fit…..

God bless…


Pulling out the big dogs!

October 28, 2010

For the first time this fall, it just felt to me like it was cold riding to work this morning.  The thermometer showed 45 degrees when we went out to run, but I think it dropped a couple by the time I left for work.  In addition, there was a pretty stiff wind from the northwest in my face the entire trip to the office.  I think it was the wind on my face that made it seem as cold as it did because I was dressed appropriately.

I wore my Lake winter boots for the first time this year.   I’ve been toying with the idea a few times already, but today was the first day I figured I would be wearing my tights on the way home from work.  For some reason, I’m a little self-conscious about wearing these things with just cycling shorts!  Am I the only person in the world with that hangup?  When you think about it, I’m not self conscious about going anywhere in my spandex, but spandex with boots?  Nah..that’s just too much.

It sure was nice to not have to deal with booties over shoes today…..

Oh…and get this.  At lunch, I took Dad’s basketball tickets over to him.  I had no more than stepped into their kitchen when Bonnie offered me a piece of pumpkin pie!  And, I turned it down!   I love that stuff, but I was afraid if I sat down to eat a piece, she would keep trotting other stuff out and I would end up stuffed!  I guess there could be worse things in life.

God bless…


Short and Sweet!

October 27, 2010

As I was coming home from a meeting at church this evening, I just happened to glance in my mirror as I was coming down the hill to the Galloway Trail on Southern Hills Blvd.  This is what I noticed!


I pulled over to take a picture, and as I was snapping away, I heard a voice.

The lady:  Sure is beautiful isn’t it?  We got out tonight just so I could see the sunset.

Me:  You chose a good night for it!

As I pulled away, she was happily snapping pictures while her husband patiently waited in the car in the parking lot of the Southern Hills pool.

As I continued homeward, the colors faded as quickly as they appeared.  I don’t think they were there more than about three minutes!  I was glad I noticed it.

God bless….

An etiquette faux pas?

October 25, 2010

I had to go to the MSU Ticket Office at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts during lunch today to pick up my Lady Bears tickets.  When I got there, I faced a bit of a delimma…what to do with my bike?

You see, I don’t normally carry a cable and lock with me.  There’s usually no need since I have secured parking at work.  There are always a ton of bikes parked around the campus, but I hated to leave mine sitting outside without being locked to something.  At the same time, I figured it was probably frowned upon to take bikes inside the buildings on campus when there were so many bike racks provided.  Especially, Hammons Hall.  Hmm…what to do?

I finally decided to feign ignorance and just take it inside with me.  Furtively glancing around to be sure there were no security guys in sight, I quickly slipped in the door and leaned it against one of the big column’s out of sight from the ticket office.    

After conducting my business, I quickly grabbed my stuff and skedaddled out of there!  I guess I got away with it….

It’s been a while since I’ve had a trip home like the one tonight.  Talk about wind!  It was brutal, buffeting me from one side of the road to another.  I was sure glad to get home! 

God bless…



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