Dad gum it!  It got too cold too fast!  At 32 degrees when I left the house this morning, I had to pull out my lobster mitts and winter coat for the first time this year.  Combined with a pair of sweats over my tights and a balaclava to provide a 2nd layer over my ears, I was good to go! 

Warning:  Rant coming!

I also wore my new Fat Cyclist jersey for the first time today.  Snazzy isn’t it? 

But the question I have is why in the world do they size these things so that a little guy like me has to buy an “extra large” to fit?  I mean, come on!  I’m only 5’7″, and weigh 160 lbs.  Every other shirt I buy except for spandex base layers is always a medium.  The first jersey I ordered was a “large”, but it fit my arms and shoulders so tightly that I was afraid I would rip it apart the first time I rode in it.  That same thing happened when I bought my MSU jersey last year.  I know professional cyclists are bean pole wimps when it comes to their upper bodies, but these jerseys are advertised to be “club cut” so you would expect them to have a little more room.  I do lift weights regularly, but I ask, do I look like a bulked up body builder?

I would sure hate to be a big guy trying to find a jersey to fit…..

God bless…


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5 Comments on “Brrr….”

  1. Ron Says:

    Cold indeed! Our home thermometer read 37. When I got to work (6:30 am) I found out the temp was 29…! I guess the home gizmo is off a bit. Had I known the true temp, then I would have felt colder!!

  2. Zeke Says:

    Well, you big ‘ol bulked up dude, I know your pain in proper sizing. I’ve finally started asking people to tell me how their size large compares to a Pearl Izumi size large. I’ve found the PI product to be consistent so it has become my benchmark. A couple of years ago I order a Team Columbia jersey and had to send it back something like 3 or 4 times getting a progressivley larger size each time AND I started at a medium! Those European sizes are way, way different!

    Stay warm – we get your sub 30′s weather tonight…

    - Zeke

  3. Steve A Says:

    Golly, sounds pretty cold up there. It was only 36F here in North Texas this morning, though that was cold enough to get our weather forecasters babbling about “Frost Alerts.” Sheesh…

  4. martinsj2 Says:

    I’m one of those bigger guys and you are spot on – finding clothes that fit is a major pain! When I started cycling this Spring my shirt size was 2XL. I dropped 25 pounds this Summer and can now fit into a typical 3XL jersey. Fortunately, my ego can stand the blows to my self-esteem!

  5. Ron Hoover Says:

    My wife and I were heading south on Oak Grove yesterday afternoon and as we crossed Bennett, there was the SpringfieldCyclist (kit looks good!) heading home. We went on to SBS and got our granddaughter a bike for Christmas, her first bike. We look forward to the future!!

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