Duty calls

Well, after the first two mornings since the Daylight Savings time change, I think I can safely say that the morning rides in are really nice and that the evening ride home is not so much.

My favorite times of the day are that first hour after the sun comes up and the last hour before it sets.  It must be a throwback to my photography days when I learned to look for that golden glow the sun throws out when it is low on the horizon.  That’s exactly what I get to experience now on my way to work.  Unfortunately, by the time I get out of the office in the evening, the sun is already below the horizon.   By the time I got home last night, it was within 15 minutes of being full-on dark, and it won’t be long until most of my evening commute will be in the dark. 

Last night, I did have a decent opportunity to photograph a nice looking sunset behind the downtown buildings but the only open view of it was from the MLK Bridge so I felt it to be not very prudent to stop.  Maybe another day.

On the way in this morning, I encountered this at Sunshine and Deeswood:

Yep…that’s a broken water main.  It’s bubbling right out the crack between two concrete slabs in the street and flowing into the storm sewers.  I suspect the road work they did there a couple of weeks ago played a factor.  Regardless, the new concrete the city poured right there is going to get dug up to fix it.  Being the duty-conscious Utility employee that I am, I stopped and called it in.  Hopefully, they will have a crew on it today.

Edit:  On the way home, the guys had fixed the problem!

God bless…


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One Comment on “Duty calls”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Right before DST ended, my entire commute was in the dark in the morning and in daylight in the afternoon. Now I get some light each way.

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