Nice Setup!

So far, this week is turning out quite nicely in terms of commuting weather.  Maybe a little chilly in the mornings (my backyard thermometer read 21 this morning), but very tolerable in the evenings.  The best thing about it is that it’s getting light earlier and staying light later!

Last night on the way home, it was even light enough to get a compliment on my bike!  As I pulled up to the stoplight at Glenstone and Bennett, I noticed a guy watching me as he walked toward his car in the gas station parking lot.  I didn’t think anything of it until a few minutes later when I glanced his way again, and this time he shouted, “Nice setup!”.

I waved and thanked him as he turned away and my light changed.  As I rode off, I thought, “Boy, it’s nice to be noticed!”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get noticed nearly as well this morning.  I had two cars pull out in front of me within a two minute span.  The first I attributed to mis-judging my speed, as I was coming down the hill on Fremont to Chestnut and a SPS van pulled out from the left in front of me.  He took his time getting up to speed, and I had to slow down to keep from rear-ending him.

Just across Chestnut, as I was preparing to turn left, I encountered one of those situations that I just know is going to end badly.  I needed to make a left turn on Central past a car that was sitting there waiting to come straight.  There was another car approaching from my front, with it’s right turn signal on.  It seems like every time there are three of us converging on the same intersection, one of the drivers fails to see me in spite of the fact that I’m riding in middle of the traffic lane and flailing my arm to indicate my left turn.  Sure enough, as soon as the approaching car turned right, the goofy lady in the car on Central zoomed out in front of me, forcing me to come to a complete stop! I’m not sure why that particular situation is so problematic, but it sure is.  It’s a good thing I’ve learned to watch for it…

Does anyone else out there consistently have that same issue?

God bless…


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4 Comments on “Nice Setup!”

  1. Bill Lambert Says:

    I think the other drivers just don’t know what to do. And instead of simply waiting, they just zoom ahead. And I think since they are in a car, anyone else not in a car is not human. Therefore they can zoom ahead.

    You do have a sweet bike!

  2. nacho243 Says:

    I don’t know why it is but it is. I was riding on Hwy 89 and I have at least four feet from the white line to the edge. A pick up truck was going in the same direction as I and was at least two feet over the white line! He darn near hit me. I chased him down and caught up to him at a tire shop, he said he didn’t see me! Give me a frwaking break, he didn’t see me??

  3. Steve A Says:

    The bike is sweet but you need to reconsider the water bottle! Go for the carbon bottle look. And paint the white body of that PB rear light black as well.

    I guess I can’t remember encountering any similar motorist issues. Perhaps the motorists in Texas are simply all sweeties and we send the cruddy ones up your way. At least that’s ONE theory. OTOH, perhaps it is just that motorists are nicer to goofballs – or maybe you’re fixating on something really rare.

  4. bikinginla Says:

    My rule of thumb is it’s always the second driver that won’t see you. Too often, the 2nd car goes as soon as the first one, while the next car will usually — but not always — pause to make sure the way is clear.

    Good looking bike — and oddly, mine is all black with exactly the same bottle. Except I have two.

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