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Something magical happened to me in the first grade.  I learned to read!  From the moment I learned to sound out the words “Run, Spot, Run” in those little Dick and Sally reading books, I was hooked.  For a country bumkin kid growing up in a small town, reading was an escape into worlds that I could only dream of.  When I was 12, my family moved to a larger small town where they had a library just down the street.  It was amazing to me….all I had to do was go in and sign my name on the little cards and walk away with as many books as I could carry.

My voracious reading appetite has abated somewhat as I’ve gotten older and life has taken over.  It’s a rare treat now to have the luxury of picking up a book and settling into a chair.  About the only chance I get is those rare times I have to get on an airplane and fly somewhere.

Luckily, I still have something of an outlet.  I love to read bike blogs on the internet.  It seems natural to me because it combines my two favorite activities – cycling and reading.  I rarely let more than a couple of days pass without clicking through the list of blogs on the right side of this page.  Because of that, I thought I would take a day and highlight some of them.  Click through to these folks and give them a read!

Here are some of my newer links:

Barn Door Cycling

Body, Mind, and Soul


Jim Phillips’ Blog

Purple Traveller

Two Feet Off the Asphalt

Saddle Surfin’

And here are some of my old favorites:



Biking in Heels

DFW Point to Point

Fat Cyclist


Zeke’s Great Smokies Adventures


When you’re done reading these, get out there and ride.  The weather’s nice for a change!

God bless…



















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6 Comments on “Reading Material”

  1. Apertome Says:

    Thanks for the plug. I’m honored to be mentioned in the same list as those other blogs. They’re all very good.

    I was an inveterate non-reader until very recently. Now that I’m back in school, I have some odd gaps of time in my schedule, and reading passes the time perfectly. I’m sort of sad I’ve been missing out so much all these years, by not reading. At least I finally figured it out.

  2. Thanks a lot for listing my blog – very kind.

    Regarding libraries – here in the UK the powers that be are rolling out plans to close down many of our libraries. This will be a great shame for children and adults alike.
    It all comes under the term ‘economic cutbacks’ – a term that most people are sick of hearing. A really bad idea to close so many of our libraries I feel.

  3. Zeke Says:

    Please let me echo my thanks for listing my blog as well… I certainly echo your appreciation for learning to read as a child. I feel very blessed that my parents took the time to nurture the reading and writing “bug” in me. I’m still a fairly voracious reader trying to put in about an hour an evening on a good book before sleep finally takes me over. I still think my imagination, as I read the written word, supercedes anything Hollywood and TV can come up with… It is certainly much more personalized!

    - Zeke

  4. Bike Noob Says:

    Tracy, thanks for linking to my blog. I stop by yours about three times a week. I appreciate your links to the other blogs; I added several to my reader.

  5. Ron Says:

    Tracy, much thanks for thelink to my blog on this post. And more thanks for accepting my blog on your page in the first place. I enjoy reading of your adventures in our fair city and of adventures by other cyclists elsewhere. Regards!

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