A partial commute!

Bike on Jeep 1Bike on Jeep 2

Because I had to drive to work yesterday for an off-site meeting in the afternoon, I decided to kill two birds with one drive.  The jeep was due for it’s 5k oil change, so I decided to haul the bike part way to work, drop the Jeep off at Midas and ride the rest of the way to the office.’

At lunch time, I rode back to Midas, paid for the oil change, then drove over to pick up my new glasses before heading back to the office.

Interestingly, I noted that it’s taken me since the last oil change in August 2009 to accumulate 5k miles on the Jeep.  I suppose letting the oil go that many months may not be the best in the world, but I hate to change it with just a few miles on it.

It’s really a shame the weather chose to get really nice the day I had to drive.  I could have enjoyed the additional miles on the bike!

God bless…


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2 Comments on “A partial commute!”

  1. Bluediamond59 Says:

    Yes I know what you mean. I change oil in my Dakota every 3,000 miles. It dose seem to take a long time to get the miles in. What makes me happy is putting gas in it between 1-2 months. At the price of gas that saves me some money for more biking gear or parts. Right now just hoping to save money to get a new road bike this spring. Still trying to settle between full carbon Bianchi Sempre (will it hold up) aluminum Bianchi Via Nirone 7 or a De Rosa in Columbus steel.

  2. nacho243 Says:

    I too have a Jeep Wrangler and I change the oil every year in May whether it needs it or not. I do my own oil changes so I save there too. I too like Bluediamond says getting fuel every other month is great! The weather is starting to get nice so I’ll be getting my bike rides in starting next month!

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