The calm before the storm!

After a relatively good rest day yesterday, this morning was one of those days where everything just kind of clicks for you (or at least it did for me).  I lifted weights for an hour, and felt great!  Then, I got on my bike to ride to work and really just ended up wishing I had further and longer to ride!

The temperature really makes all the difference in the world.  This morning was hovering around the 40 degree mark, which means a couple of things.  First, you don’t need so many clothes to stay warm.  I actually over-dressed just a bit, but not so much to be uncomfortable.  Second, it seems to me that I generally ride faster than when it’s colder.  I think my body responds better when I know I’m not generating such a cold wind!

And, speaking of wind, it was from the SE, which means that every leg of my trip to the office had some pushing wind.  That certainly helped!  As I was flying westward on Catalpa, I remember thinking that I hadn’t ridden with that much power and ease in quite some time.

The other thing I noticed this morning was that motorists seemed quite content to wait for me to pass before pulling out from either the left or right side.  I had at least three vehicles wait an unusually long time for me to pass rather than pulling out in front of me.  I gave each one a friendly wave as I passed to let them know I appreciated their patience.   I wondered if their patience may have been fueled by the fact that I put new batteries in all six lights (two on the front, two on the back, and two spoke-lights) last night.  I certainly felt like I was lit up like a christmas tree.

Finally, do you notice anything odd about the picture of my locker below:

You probably don’t, but I did.  It’s been cleaned!  It was gathering quite a few dust bunnies when I last saw it Friday at noon.  In addition to being dusted out, all the contents were neatly arranged inside instead of looking like their normal jumble.  It must have been the work of Shane, our custodian, because several others were open and looked just as neatly organized.  Whoever did it, their efforts were appreciated!

If you can believe the media hype, we’ve got a “monster winter storm” heading our way tonight/tomorrow.  Regardless of how much precip we end up getting, it looks like the temperature forecasts are approaching or below the point where I feel comfortable riding, so I’m glad I had such a good ride to work this morning in spite of the risk that I’m gonna get wet this afternoon.

God bless…


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4 Comments on “The calm before the storm!”

  1. Bill Lambert Says:

    Yes, we’re supposed to get that humdinger of a storm also. We’ll see – after years of “big storm is coming” and getting only an inch or two of snow, I’m not sure if I believe them (the weather folks).

    Hope you made it home dry.

  2. Steve A Says:

    The contrast in attitude towards a winter storm here verus up your direction is dramatic. You say “it’s too cold” and I say “FINALLY, an opportunity to do a little challenging riding.” With the wind chill, it’ll be subzero which I don’t recall before down here. In the newspaper, the comments are suggesting that they leave the roof of Cowboy Stadium open so that Green Bay and Pittsburgh can feel like they’re still at home.

  3. rivercityweaves Says:

    Green with envy! Don’t you love it when everything “clicks” ;0D

  4. Zeke Says:

    If the forecasters are right, I hope the “mother of all storms” spares you much damage. It looks like we’ll get missed by it this time. In Western North Carolina, we’re just on the edge of their ice prediction. Personally, I’ve had enough for the winter. The last two days of riding have whetted my appetite for more…

    Best of luck over the next 48 hours!


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