I think I’m gonna need these tonight!

This morning was awesome!  Warm and slightly humid conditions made for a most excellent run and ride to work.  Unfortunately, the rain started just a few minutes after I got settled in at my desk, and it’s looking like the ride home tonight will be pretty soggy.

I’ve used the rain pants a few times, but this will be the jacket’s inaugural soaking!   Based on the weather forecast, I totally expected it.  In fact, I kind of thumbed my nose at the weather just because I had this new jacket!  Sure hope it meets my expectations!

God bless…..



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4 Comments on “I think I’m gonna need these tonight!”

  1. Steve A Says:

    If you had all to do over again, which version of the Showers Pass pants would you get? It looks like you have the convertible ones.

  2. tracywilkins Says:

    I’m pretty happy with these. They are the Club level, same as the jacket. They make a Touring level that’s rated a little more waterproof, but they’re considerably thicker and bulkier. These are actually bulkier than I want them to be. They don’t pack down very well & take a lot of room in my bag.

    The only real complaint I have with them is that they kind of bind at the hips while pedaling if they slip down any at all. I keep having to hike them up!


    Tracy Wilkins 2499 S Penzance Springfield MO 65809 (417) 889-9076 (home) (417) 343-4867 (cell) http://www.springfieldcyclist.com

  3. I understand Tracey. My ride tonight was 40 degree with a 30-35mph wind blowing off the lake. Glad I had some warmer gear to wear tonight!

  4. Steve A Says:

    Sounds like your pants could benefit from “Showers Pass® Suspenders.” They are compatible with the club pants. I became much more interested in heavier pants after I commuted on ice and found the O2 pants are just too delicate.

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