They’re back….

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Well, school’s started.  My days of traffic free morning commutes are over, although I didn’t notice much of an uptick today.  I guess I was just a little ahead of it.

One interesting thing did happen, though.  I slapped myself later for not getting a picture, but for some reason I totally didn’t consider it.

As I was heading north on Barnes, I noticed a group of people standing on the street corner at Barnes and Grand.  At first, I thought they were just a bunch of students waiting on a bus, but as I got closer, I could tell they were mostly adults, with maybe one or two high school aged students.  When I passed, I thought to myself, “That’s kind of a gnarly looking bunch.”, then I noticed a couple of motorcycles parked up the street in a drive.

A couple blocks down the street, there were another group at Barnes and Monroe, so I stopped and asked, “Hey, what are you guys up to this morning?  I saw another group of you up the street.”  As I spoke, this grizzly group of about 6 men and women all turned to me and gave me a good looking over.  These motorcyclists were the real deal.  I mean, they weren’t a bunch of middle class businessmen and women dressed in leathers out for their weekend ride.  Pretty soon, the most grizzled of the group answers, “Well, we’re just visiting a friend”. 

“Oh.  Well, I saw another bunch of motorcycles up the street, so I was wondering if there was something going on?” 

“No, we’re just visiting”.

I presume it was some sort of a back to school safety event, but this guy sure didn’t want to tell me why they were there and none of the others spoke up.  As I thanked them and started to pull away, “old grizzly” kind of grins at me and says, “Sure do like your mirror!”. 

I just thanked them again and continued on my way….thinking they were probably having a good laugh at the cyclist in his sissy looking cycling shorts!

God bless…


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2 Comments on “They’re back….”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Our back to school was Monday. I’ve been seeing school buses all week.

  2. trythedu Says:

    I’ve discovered I’m as invisible to school bus drivers as I am to regular drivers. My own superhuman trait that might get me killed!

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