A game of deja vu

Yesterday evening my wife ended up having to sit at the hospital with her mother, so that left me to my own devices.  When that happened, I did what I usually do in that state, which is take a bike ride.  I gathered up my best friend (pictured below) and headed out the door about 6:30.

For the first 15 miles, I played a little game I like to call “deja vu”.  Have you ever played it?  It’s my own version of hill repeats.  The way I play is to ride up every hill twice!  I ride up one, turn around and ride down it, then repeat the ride up. 

The problem with playing that game (other than wearing yourself out) is that it takes you forever to get anywhere.  After an hour, I had ridden 15 miles but was only at the place I call 4-Corners, which is really about 7 miles from the house.  At that point, I decided I had better stop playing games and just ride, so I buckled down and headed toward Rogersville with all the gusto I could manage.  I wish I had thought thought to capture a lap on my Garmin, because that second hour of riding was a lot faster that the first.

It’s hay-making time around here.  With the exception of one, every hay field was freshly cut or actually still being cut as I rode past.  In some places, there was quite a bit of dust in the air from the tractors and implements, and by the time I got home, my eyes were itchy and watering constantly. 

The only real stop I made was to photograph this purple and white flower that I didn’t recognize.  It was growing in a fence row, and I’m guessing the bushes it was on spanned about 15 feet.  It’s the only place I noticed it, so it’s not very common…but it is beautiful.  If you know what it is, drop me a comment.

I originally only planned to do one of my High School loops, but it was so nice out and I was having so much fun hammering hard that I decided to go all the way to Rogersville and come back on the the south side of the highway through Mentor.  I knew it would be dark by the time I got home, but I had the foresight to move my light over to the Madone before I left, so I wasn’t worried.  I just kept hammering.

As the sun went down, I stopped for what I thought would be one final picture, changed my glasses (glad I remembered to bring both pairs), then realized it wasn’t quite as dark as it seemed with my sunglasses on and continued hammering away.  Eventually, though, I did stop for that final sunset picture of the day.

As I crossed the bridge and rode alongside the river toward home in the dark, the bugs were so bad that it was miserable.  You just had to keep your mouth shut and hope they stayed out of your eyes and ears while putting up with them in your hair, clothes and helmet.  As soon as I started up the final big hill out of the bottom, that was the end of them.

I finished my ride with 34.5 miles in exactly 2 hours, giving me an average pace of 17.2 mph.  Combined with my commute, it gave me a total of about 55 miles for the day.  Not bad for a Thursday!

God bless…


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2 Comments on “A game of deja vu”

  1. Nice pace…Nice ride…!


  2. Michael Says:

    55 miles on a work day is a definite accomplishment. Nice sunsets too, though I could do without that many bugs.

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