Saturday tandem loop to Strafford

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Pam and I got out and capped our week of bike commuting with a 28 mile ride to Strafford Saturday morning, giving us 147 tandem miles for the week!  Now it’s time for Pam to take a well-deserved rest!

She had some family obligations in the afternoon, so we hit the road at 8:00 am.  By that time, it was already looking like it would be a hot day, and by the time we got home, there was a pretty strong south wind kicking up that would haunt me later in the day.

We rode pretty strongly on the leg out with the wind at our back part of the time, but I was a little concerned it might not be so fun on the way back to town.  I worried needlessly.  I think the week of commuting did a lot to shore up our tandem skills and put us back to working well together.   One of the things we have to relearn every year is how to sync our cadence…in particular, it takes a few rides before Pam gets her spinning legs back.  Until that happens, we end up mashing in hard gears a lot. 

I was proud that she was able to spin fast enough in lower gears coming back into the wind to make it home fairly painlessly.

005 (2)

One thing we did notice for the first time was a couple of signs commemorating the fact that part of our ride follows the Trail of Tears route for a couple of miles.  Those are new this year.  Please excuse the foggy picture…the lens fogged up in my jersey pocket!

Here’s the GPS track for the ride.  Ignore the long line across town on the map…I forgot to clear it before we drove over to Elwood, then when I turned it on there it screwed up the map.

God bless..


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2 Comments on “Saturday tandem loop to Strafford”

  1. Steve A Says:

    By my count, that leaves you exactly 9850 miles to go to hit 20000…

  2. thepelaton Says:

    You can upload to Strava instead (or too). Strava lets you crop the ride data, and has the nice segment mode to rank you against other riders in your area.

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