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What an idea!

June 29, 2012


Isn’t that the coolest idea?  It’s the only place I’ve seen it in town, at the top of the hill at Hammons Parkway and Trafficway.  That’s on the section of street they call “The Link”, so it’s gotten some special attention, but I would like to see that spread to other intersections as well.

The cool thing about it is that I suspect the traffic engineers have tuned the sensors at that intersection to ensure a bike triggers the light.  Both times I’ve used that route on the way home, the light has triggered for me almost instantly!

Good job, guys! 


People I see 6/27/2012

June 28, 2012


This is Tommy.  He’s another employee of the Utility where I work.  I’ve seen him on my way home a couple of times, including yesterday.

Don’t let his cool looking demeanor fool you.  The ride home was the hottest this year, with the heat radiating off the pavement making my feet uncomfortably warm most of the trip.

I know it doesn’t compare with Steve’s temps, but good grief, he’s such an over-achiever in that regard it’s not even funny!

God bless…


Bike Maintenance Time

June 26, 2012

It’s been hotter than Hades around here the last couple of days, but in the evenings I’ve managed to get caught up on a little bike maintenance.  Specifically:

  • Gave the tandem a nice rub-down with Pledge.  It was looking pretty groady…I hadn’t done that yet this year.
  • Cleaned and lubed the chains on the tandem.
  • Determined that the tandem sync chain is near the end of it’s life and ordered it’s replacement.
  • Replaced the front brake pads on the tandem.
  • Cleaned and lubed the chain on the Surly.
  • Replaced the rear brake pads on the Surly.

In the mean time, riding has been overtaken by the summer doldrums.  Nothing interesting is happening, and with the heat, you don’t want much to happen.  Posting may be slow for a while.

God bless…



People I see – 6/25/2012

June 25, 2012

This is Gerard.  I ran in to him the other evening on the way home from work.  He works/teaches at Drury, just a few blocks from my office.  What was interesting about this encounter is that Gerard told me he lives a couple of miles from his work, commutes by bike, and does not own a car.  That doesn’t make him odd, or anything…in fact, I kind of admire him for making that choice.  It’s not something I could do….

God bless…



Breakfast Run

June 23, 2012

doggy driver

We headed out early this morning for a tandem breakfast run.  The plan was to ride 20ish, stop in Rogersville for breakfast, then head for home before the heat got too bad.  We were mostly successful on that front.

The wind, on the other hand, was just strong enough, and just in our face enough to feel it’s presence, and on the tandem that slowed us down quite a bit all the way to Rogersville.

As we sat in McDonalds, we noticed the dog above sitting patiently in the drivers seat of a car parked out the window.  It looked kinda sad to be left in the car while it’s master was enjoying breakfast, and literally hardly changed it’s pose the entire time we were there.

After breakfast, we headed for home with the wind to our favor, and enjoyed that portion of the ride much better, although  we still took our time.  We made it home by 9:00 with 36  miles (Forgot to start my garmin).

God bless…



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