Cooling our Jets on the KATY Trail

Day3 003 We spent the night last night (Wednesday)  in the historic Bothwell Hotel in Sedalia.  While it was kinda cool, we spent the entire night and morning having to coordinate our movements in order to not run into each other.  Talk about the smallest room ever!

We awoke this morning to thunder and strong storms, but by the time we were ready to hit the road (or trail), it had mostly stopped.

Day3 005 The first couple of miles in Sedalia are on city streets, but once we got onto the trail, we discovered the rain had been enough to make the crushed limestone surface pretty soft in places.  It wasn’t horrible, but once in a while, we could feel our forward motion being sucked away by the soft surface.

Day3 007 

Day3 008It rained on us for a few minutes, but not hardly enough to do more than justifying the rain jacket Pam has been carrying the whole trip! 

Day3 014  Just after it stopped raining, we picked up a couple of dogs who ran with us for awhile.  We presumed their role in life was to escort riders up and down the trail!

Day3 019 Day3 017 Day3 018 We stopped for lunch in Booneville, and lucked into a great sandwich shop.  It was a lucky find, in that we had ridden most of the main drag looking for a likely spot when I spotted a couple of umbrellas in the distance.  We rode on down and found an ice cream shop that also advertised sandwiches.  As we were parking the bikes, Pam asked the mailman who happened to be passing, and he gave the place a hearty recommendation that was enough to sell us.  After a super sandwich, we ordered dessert!

IMG_1823 I think Pam was in shock after her “anyday” was delivered!  I had to help her eat it!

We waddled back to the bikes and set our for our final 15 miles of the day.  The temperature was starting to warm up again, but it remained comfortable all day because of the cloud cover.

Day3 023 Day3 022 The cloudy skies brought out the deeper colors of the hillsides as we approached Rocheport. 

Day3 025 Day3 029Our ride passed all too quickly today, but it was certainly a pleasure to not suffer through the afternoon like we have the past two days.  It seemed like hardly any time had passed before we were passing by the wild sunflowers just around the bend from the Rocheport tunnel. 

Day3 034 Day3 037

We rolled into town just after 2 pm, grabbed a drink at the little trailside cafe and waited until it was time to check into our room.

God bless…


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2 Comments on “Cooling our Jets on the KATY Trail”

  1. Great times, fabulous trip. I’d love to ride that trail, maybe one day, but for the moment, thanks for sharing your trip with us all out here on the internet. Cheers

  2. rlhoover Says:

    Sure looks like one of those Trips To Remember. Has there been much ‘traffic’ from other cyclists?

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